sigur rós 2012 tour

amsterdam, netherlands



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photos by Roger NBH



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  1. Amazing venue, amazing band and amazing crowd.
    The love from the crowd in the venue was incredible last night, the band I’m sure the band felt this and gave a fantastic performance.
    The set list was a dream come true for me, every song was beautifully delivered.
    I’ve seen sigur ros a few times now and I can say this gig for me was 2nd only to jonsi’s solo show at the forum uk.
    Ithe crowd made it my best ever sigur ros gig by a country mile, well done to the crowd for the respect you showed the band.
    I also get to do it all again tonight, well worth the trip over from the uk.
    Please play the uk in 2013 because I have friends that are desperate to see you guys.
    Thanks you so much for making such outstanding music, you are with ought doubt the best band I have seen live and I’ve seen a lot over the years.

  2. Put the Eyjafjallajökull in a small former temple, add 1500 people and you would expect the rooftop to be blown away and the crowd to have a melt down.

    None of these things happened yesterday.
    Wrong place, wrong crowd yet exeptional band and music.

    Yes : the Paradiso is undoubtably an exeptional place for intimate concerts, but the music of Sigur Ros breathes,needs air and space.
    And with the intimate playlist they would benefit from an understanding crowd as well, instead of headbangers that were sometimes (even during silent moments) more busy with their cellphones and beerglasses than with the experience…

    And no : Jonsi is not the kind of guy that benefits from a possible close interaction with the public in this type of setting.

    So although I can delete this wish from my Bucket List, I have yet added another one : to see Sigur Ros in an open air location.
    Why not in the shadow of their sister, the Eyjafjallajökull ?

  3. Having seen Jónsi perform solo 4 times in 2010, it was an honour and a privilege to be there last night to see Sigur Rós for their first Amsterdam show in years.

    It was a pity not having Kjartan on stage but the new line-up really did a great job.

    The set they played was awesome, and it was amazing standing in the front row, 1 metre from the frontman.

    Powerful sound, fantastic atmosphere. The crowd really got behind the band, and that fueled them too, that I’m sure.

    Epic. Incredible. Memorable. These are some words that come to mind to describe last night.

    Thanks to the band for making it such a fantastic evening.

    Needless to say I can’t wait to be back again tonight!

  4. It was a pleasure to be in “Paradiso” last night.
    Great music. Great band. Great audience. Great atmosphere. A perfect evening.
    This kind of small venue is perfect for the intimacy with the music.

  5. Það var andleg kvöld í gær! Tónlistin þín slær strengur djúpt í mér. Tónleikarnir í gærkvöldi var frábær. Ég var hamingjusamasta maður á jörðinni. Ég fljóta enn svolítið fyrir ofan jörðu, eins og engill. Komdu aftur fljótlega til Paradiso með sérstökum “Valtari-tónleikum”. Ég get varla beðið eftir!

  6. I totally disagree with what Pete had to say. It was a close-to-perfect gig. Crowd definitely understood Sigur’s music and kept completely silent when required and awarded the band accordingly when they deserved their applause.
    Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion I guess.
    For me it was the gig I expected and hoped for and Sigur delivered in every way possible. Jónsi, it wouldn’t hurt to atleast say “hi” or something. You’re not the most talkative but the only thing lacking was some form of interaction with the crowd, even just briefly. Anyway, just a few more hours to see them for the 2nd time in a row, can’t wait…

  7. i also disagree with pete about the venue. it was the best place to see them; coming from paris to see them here was totally worth the trip. amazing concert, very good audience (nobody broke the silence during Viðrar vel til loftárása). i was there for both shows and i’ll post a complete review on the page of the second show. and yes, Jónsi didn’t say a ‘hi’, fortunately a few of us could say ‘hi’ to the band… in the street!

  8. First time Sigur Ros and first time Paradiso, it was like magic. Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening.

  9. one week ago, i came back from amsterdam after a perfect day.
    we (a friend and me) met jonsi and then, saw the band at the paradiso.
    well sit at the balcony, we passed to hours in front of one of the best band ever. it was legendary. everywhere around us we smelt a kind of magic. around us, it was possible to see in everybody’s eyes some daydreams provoked by the beauty of the music and the lights.

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