sigur rós 2012 tour

prospect park
brooklyn, ny, united states



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  1. Absolutely amazing! It was perfect. Everything I wanted it to be and then some. Encore of Glosoli and Popplagio was the best. Thanks for a great show!

  2. That was the most beautiful, and intense music show I’ve ever been to. I’ll never forget this pure moment. Thank you so much.

  3. I had been waiting for this for too long. Without a doubt one of the most thrilling live experiences ever, right up there with Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Dead Can Dance.
    Surreal. Thank you for what you’re doing with your lives and please don’t let 4 more years pass until you return to NYC.

  4. The show last night was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Your music is phenominal. Seeing you play life is a multisensory experience- amazing visuals, mind blowing music, and a beautiful summer day. You couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for such a beautiful event filled with such true passion and emotion. I truly admire you all. Thank you again.

  5. It is immensely powerful feeling which is still inside of us! The concrete jungle became a real paradise last night.
    4 years after.. in totally different corner of the Earth… live sound of Sigur Ros… we are thankful for such moment!
    It was orgasmic, pure energy of love!
    Thank you Sigur Ros for sharing your sound with us!

  6. Last night was so special, really a magical night! The band is on the top of their game, and sounded amazing. The playlist was all that I could have asked for, and more. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful and healing music to the world! And please come back to NYC very soon!

  7. What a perfect night of Light, Sound, Setting, and Intention. So much beauty and love in the air that we were all able to transcend the troubles of the world if even for a few hours. More please…..

  8. The night was surreal. The cicadas were nature’s gift to the show. Thank you for an amazing experience.

  9. I was not allowed into the event because my tickets were fake. I am not a person who would knowingly ever buy or sell fake tickets. Last night was truly upsetting. I have wanted to see you guys for almost 10 years and for that to happen last night (and dealing with the absolute most unprofessional people at Ticketmaster) left me disarrayed. I hope one day you come back to New York City. I hope it’s soon. I’d like a fair chance to see you guys. I hope you never use Ticketmaster again.

  10. You guys sing from the soul and transcend words into feeling. Last night was a gift to all of us from the universe and I’m so grateful to you guys for doing what you do, so please, keep making music, keep sharing it with the world.

  11. energy of your beautiful music is still echoing inside us! Thank you for Glosoli and all the other beautiful songs!

    it feels as we are small particles of sound, which you sent to the univers, to keep on sharing love with all the others!

    Nichts Ist Wie Vorher…. I was missing just one particle on the stage… but times are changing and new wave came on. Nice new wave! Indeed!
    Looking forward hearing you again. Very Soon!

  12. I never thought I would get to see you guys live and last night was a true dream come true. Standing so close to the stage and seeing everything up close was absolutely surreal and magical. I cried and cried and I laughed and I will remember it forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  13. Seeing Sigur Rós play untitled #1 and Svefn-g-englar as the sun set over New York City has to have been one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.

  14. magical evening; pure beauty; put me in a trance; have struggled to think of anything else since; have downloaded and listened to entire NPR recording multiple times; thank you for visiting NYC; please come back

  15. I fainted during Vaka. This isn’t a hyperbole either. I literally fainted for the first time and spent the latter of the concert sitting down. Not to mention, I was in the pit. Regardless of showing up hours ahead and sitting out the greater part of the set, I’d say it was the best concert I’d ever been to.

  16. I flew from Montana to watch this show. It was a suprise from my parents, and I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my life. I nearly fainted when I was walkng up to the bandshell and heard you guys rehearsing, almost passed out again when the concert started. It was such a moving concert, I hope to see you all again someday. I really enjoyed the concert, thank you so much for everything you’ve done! Hope to see you again someday soon. :)

  17. Here’s the review I published in Patheos:

    Early in the set during the quiet opening of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós’ “Ny Batteri” at an outdoor show in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, just before it unfolds from ambient noise into a song, at the exact moment of dusk, a great blue heron flew diagonally over the audience, silhouetted against the dark blue sky, pushing the air with its enormous wings as if in slow motion. Someone behind me saw it too and groaned in awe… Sigur Rós’ music alway aches towards the transcendent. It strains with meaning…

  18. there is absolutely nothing in existence that can prepare a person for a sigur ros concert- a valuable lesson i learned that fateful evening in Brooklyn. this was a spiritual experience, granted to the participants that evening. i have never been in a concert setting, or any setting with so many people gathered at once, with so much positive energy. every individual in that crowd was infected by the positive energy radiating from the otherworldly music of sigur ros.

    i literally transcended this physical dimension when i heard the beginning notes of svefn-g-englar. the backdrop of the lucid night sky and humming creatures of the night made this experience unique beyond the capacity of a verbal description.

    there is no doubt that i will spend whatever money i have to in order to see them perform in iceland. at that point i could even die, knowing that i’ve felt what i’ve felt from the perfection of sigur ros in the icelandic landscape.

  19. This concert was fantastic. The smile never left my face during the whole night; it was really everything I expected and even more. Thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable evening.

  20. Wow. What an unforgettable night. My boyfriend Mark and I traveled up from Charlotte, NC for the show and its a night we’ll never forget. Your music evokes emotions that nothing else can. Its like a state of pure bliss where its impossible to do anything but smile. As if seeing you guys outside live on a summer night wasn’t good enough, my boyfriend proposed while you were playing Glosoli during the encore. Thank you for an amazing night. One that me, and my now fiance, will remember for the rest of our lives.

  21. I had tickets to the Philadelphia concert but was told that I had to attend a conference in Kansas City on the same date so I had to sell my tickets. A friend told me that Philly was amazing so I could not miss it. I bought a ticket on StubHub for the Brooklyn show. I changed my flight and left the conference a day early without anyone noticing. I landed in Newark airport in the late afternoon and changed in my car from my suit to shorts and t shirt. From Newark, I took a train to NY Penn Station and then a subway to the ticket office in Manhattan. From the ticket office I got on another subway to Brooklyn. I have never been to Brooklyn in my life. I took a plane, train and two subways to see Sigur Ros. I was exhausted from the conference but the concert was amazing. I ahev done incredible things listening to Sigur Ros. My second child was born to Jonsi playing in the delivery room. Thank you so much for the music. Please come again!

  22. From the moment I heard ( ) for the first time, my life was changed. You have helped me tap into a higher level of consciousness with your passion and energy. I have waited a long time to see you all perform, and I must say this show was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I have never witnessed something so beautiful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, profound world of music and sounds for our species on this planet. I hope to see you perform again soon.

  23. Awesome awesome show, but has nobody commented on the fact that it was extremely short? Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it, but I think Sigur Ros actually only played for 70-90 minutes or so.

  24. No words can describe the feelings of being there and participating in this astonishing experience of the heart and soul. Emotionally overwhelming.

  25. Hearing the band that gave me sweet dreams when I was young and couldn’t fall asleep live, was in a word, surreal. the vibrations of the crowd buzzing in hymn with the cicadas and the light of sigur ros.

  26. When the band stopped playing a song you could hear crickets. I’m so tired of going to shows where people are whooing and hollering and overall being stupid. This was easily the most relaxed show I’ve been to, very surreal.

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