Canvas Competition winner announced


Thank you to all the entrants of our ( ) 20th Anniversary Canvas Competition, the entries were varied, imaginative, funny and beautifully created. The winner, created by Léonard and Raphaëlle was a piece we kept coming back to – hypnotising and perfect. The video has been added as a canvas to the tracks when the album is played on Spotify on mobile – Watch here.

“Sigur Rós is one of the things that brought us together. The ( ) album is the kind of album who makes you travel through spaces, times and emotions. For this project, we worked as a couple with our own specialities, and it gave us the opportunity to associate our skills. Raphaëlle experimented the art of handmade marbled paper, inspired by suminagashi, meaning “floatind ink”, which is a japanese technique to decorate paper. On the other side Léonard, a 3D artist, digitized the marbled paper, and brought the inks to life on aftereffects. The result is the encounter of traditional artcraft and digital art. It is also reflecting Sigur Rós project to remaster the ( ) album for the 20th anniversary. We were inspired by the previous artworks around the album and by all the visual and graphic identity of the band. We worked while listening to the music, and it brings to the surface our memories of Iceland: black as the volcanic sand and white as the snow. This contrast influenced our work and Leonard decided to make the parenthesis white and to reverse the animation inside them. The marbled paper reminded us of the glacier rivers seen from the sky, and that’s why Leonard animated the inks as it was flowing.”Léonard and Raphaëlle.

Léonard and Raphaëlle will receive a deluxe edition box set of ( ).