record store day 2018


sigur rós family to release a series of limited-edition vinyl for record store day


sigur rós are releasing a series of four limited-edition vinyl albums for record store day u.k. (april 21). originally released with handmade sleeves by icelandic artist sigga bjorg as part of the band’s norður og niður festival in iceland, the rare recordings can now be bought in a second limited edition run.

for the record store day u.k. release, each contributing artist chose his favourite sleeve from sigga’s 100 hand-mades to become the official sleeve for this record store day u.k. release. 

united kingdom

the vinyl will also be available in select record stores throughout the united kingdom

record store day u.k.


the vinyl will also be available in select record stores in germany, spain, poland, italy, australia, new zealand, benelux, france and beyond. availability will vary.

record store day international

united states & canada

for people in the united states and canada, a limited quantity will be available via the xl recordings webstore on monday, april 23 at 10am eastern.

usa / canada – april 23rd – 10am eastern

other countries

for people outside the countries listed above – we’d recommend reaching out to friends in one of those countries – hopefully they can help.




1. ‘route one’ – sigur rós

on the longest day of summer 2016 sigur rós drove the whole way round iceland’s ring road, broadcasting the entire 1332km journey live on youtube. the soundtrack to this “slow tv” adventure was created using generative music software taking the multi-track stems of the sigur rós song ‘ovedur’ and endlessly reinventing them to create new and unpredictable musical directions in real time.  the very best moments from the 24 hour journey have now been pared down to a single album of great and reflective beauty. 8 tracks. previously unreleased.

sigur rós - route one

2. ‘liminal remixes’ – sigur rós

long-time sigur rós collaborators alex somers and paul corley dive deep into the band’s catalogue to mine nuggets of pure ambient pleasure.  drawing from the ( ), valtari and kveikur albums, the pair take both familiar and obscure moments and massage them into brand new blissed out states.  ‘liminal’ is the identity used by alex and paul, plus jónsi, for live soundbaths, as well as a plan for an endless streaming playlist.  featured tracks: untitled #6, untitled #7. previously unreleased.

sigur rós - liminal

3. ‘untitled’ – alex somers

brand new album from artist and composer alex somers.   the songs herein draw upon alex’s recent experience scoring both film (captain fantastic, dawson city: frozen time) and television (black mirror, manhattan), as well as the atmospheres created in his role as half of the jónsi & alex project with their acclaimed 2009 album ‘riceboy sleeps’.  somers co-produced sigur rós’s 2012 album valtari and mixed 2013’s kveikur.  previously unreleased.

alex somers - untitled

4. ‘all animals’ – jónsi & alex

long-deleted 33-minute ep from alex & jónsi, ‘all animals’ was released as a limited edition bonus cd within the initial pressing of 2009’s ‘riceboy sleeps’ album.  never before been made available on vinyl.

jónsi and alex - all animals