new year, new tour, new music


2013 promises to be an interesting year in the sigur rós universe. having started 2012 with the ambient-leaning and largely-untourable valtari album, they closed with a hometown show in reykjavík hinting at broad changes to come. playing the new song brennisteinn with valtari still very much in the air, the band put a marker in the ground for how their world might look as a newly-forged three-piece (without departing keyboard player kjartan sveinsson).

now, on the cusp of 2013 touring, the sigur rós are – as we write – in portugal rehearsing more new material to be unveiled across europe, the usa and south east asia. coming to a show is the only way you’re going to experience this stuff outside crappy youtube clips in the coming months. you know what to do.

matched to this is a new show looking to eclipse the band’s previous high-water marks of live presentation. new visuals, new lights and new stage set, and not forgetting a new player (welcome ingrid on viola). plus, of course, the new songs.

oh, and we are excited to announce that supporting on all european dates is the excellent blanck mass and in north america, tim hecker (dc – ottawa) and oneohtrix point never (toronto – sta barbara).

below is a preview of what to expect in 2013, featuring an (extended) snippet of new studio material.