sigur rós and babymaking


congratulations to orri and his wife lukka on their newborn son! the little dude born last thursday is the latest in a string of sigur rós births (kjartan and georg both had babies last year, and jónsi’s baby go is due in record stores april). since the band members are all currently tending their offspring, georg told fréttablaðið today that sigur rós probably won’t be releasing any records this year.

“we’re all pretty busy at the moment so sigur rós is just taking it easy. when we have time we meet up and write new stuff at our own pace. we have some ideas and foundations but nothing final, since we’re not really in a rush. jónsi’s pretty preoccupied with his own projects these days and we’re gonna let him do his thing.”

when asked about what he thinks of jónsi’s solo album:

actually, i’ve only heard that new song on the radio [boy lilikoi]. jónsi still hasn’t let me hear the album, i don’t know if he’s too bashful to let us hear. but the new song is really great, and very jónsi-like.

jónsi has also been talking about sigur rós in new interviews about his upcoming solo record. sigur rós had recorded some new material last year, which at the time was described as ambient and atmospheric, but according to jónsi they will probably start all over again.

we started working on something a few months ago, then we scrapped everything and sold our studio and rehearsal space. now we are back in the drummer’s garage, rocking out like we did when we were 14. i think it’s gonna be good.”