kjartan / jonsi & alex joint event in new york city


apostleok, we thought we ought to give you some more details on what to expect if you have a ticket for the lincoln center / wordless music / sigur rós-affiliated event at the church of st paul the apostle in new york city on november 15.

part of the center’s ‘white light festival’, the evening has been billed under the simple banner ‘credo’ in most listings, although kjartan’s composition for choir and orchestra of that name is only one of several pieces being performed on the night. in addition you will get to experience ‘cage a swallow can’t you but you can’t swallow a cage’, kjartan’s arrangement for the human voice of canadian poet ann carson’s work as performed by the hilliard ensemble, as well as the world premier live performance of music from jonsi & alex’s ‘riceboy sleeps’ project as played by the pair with a full orchestra.

the running order of the evening is still being devised but essentially here’s what on the menu:

‘cage a swallow can’t you but you can’t swallow a cage’ – written by kjartan sveinsson. based on the sonnets of ann carson. performed by the hilliard ensemble

‘credo’ – written by kjartan sveinsson. performed by latvian choir and wordless music orchestra

‘riceboy sleeps’ – written by jon thor birgisson and alex somers. performed by jonsi and alex with the wordless music orchestra

each of these pieces is presented in public for the first time in its current form*

you can still get tickets for this event here – http://new.lincolncenter.org/live/index.php/white-light-2010-credo

anyone attending the ‘credo’ event and presenting their ticket stub for jonsi’s solo show at the hammerstein ballroom five days previously (nov 10) will be able to claim a free commemorative poster from the merch stand.

information: whitelightfestival.org / wordlessmusic.org / hilliardensemble.demon.co.uk / jonsiandalex.com

* kjartan was involved in a very different presentation of ann carson’s palindromicly-titled poetry at the whitney museum of american art last year (more info).
a very nascent treatment of ‘credo’ was performed in reykjavik in 2007.