Sigur Rós Canvas Competition


When ( ) was released, the band provided the listener with an almost blank canvas, in order to draw out the listeners own interpretations of the music.

To honour this, we are inviting you to create a Spotify canvas inspired by the album (a canvas is an 7 second loop video, 9:16 aspect ratio). Our favourite canvas will be chosen and uploaded to our anniversary edition of the album on Spotify.
The winner will also receive a deluxe edition box set of ( ).

Share your video on IG or TikTok using this #sigurroscanvascomp – this competition is now closed.
The work submitted must be your own and not infringe on any copyright.

Video format
– 3-7 seconds long.
– Vertical 9:16 ratio.
– Between 720px – 1080px tall.
– MP4 file

How to enter
Simply upload you clip on Instagram or TikTok using the #sigurroscanvascomp.

When to enter
Competition starts on 12 October 2022 and closes on 26 October 2022.

Choosing the winner
We will look through the entries posted online and get in contact with the winner, in order to provide us with the canvas file.

Announcing the winner
The winner will be chosen by the band and be notified close to the time it is added to Spotify. The official announcement will be on 29 October.

The prize
The winning canvas will added as the visuals of newly released ( ) 20th anniversary album on Spotify and they will also receive a signed copy of the ( ) 20th anniversary deluxe edition of the album.

Sponsor information
This competition is in no way sponsored by Spotify, Meta or TikTok.