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permalink sigur ros bags for sale
11 June 2003

sigur ros have somewhat ironically put sigur ros bags up for sale on their merchandise store with a badge on it that says ‘curb your consumption’.

permalink ( ) graffiti sightings
10 June 2003

a few people have recently spotted some sigur rós graffiti based on the artwork from ( ) in their environment. some photos of these ‘sigur rós sightings’ have been sent in to us and we’ve made a page where you can view these photos. the page can be found in the discography’s ( ) section. we’ve also added a ‘song progression’ feature in the ( ) section, where you can download the various versions of untitled #2 (fyrsta), which has gone through some dramatic changes since its debut in 2000.

permalink not playing field day festival
7 June 2003

we regret to inform fans in new york that due to the downsizing of the field day festival event, which sigur ros were scheduled to play tomorrow, the band won’t be playing at the rescheduled giants stadium gig of tonight.

permalink new message board up
31 May 2003

the new sigur ros message board is now up and running. it’s really much nicer. the url is

permalink london gig confirmed
31 May 2003

sigur ros will be headlining night 2 of the ‘fatcat nights’ of august 1st and 2nd, which are concerts to correspond with the release of the fatcat compilation ‘branches and routes’ (released june 30th). the concerts will be held at the union chapel in london and fellow icelandic band múm will be headlining night 1. you can check out the two nights’ full line-up and buy tickets on and

permalink spring competition over
25 May 2003

all 140 prizes of the spring competition have now been given away. the correct answer to the question ‘what was the first song jonsi learned to play on guitar?’ is wrathchild by iron maiden. thanks to everyone who entered.

permalink álafoss studio website up
22 May 2003

sigur rós’s swimming pool studio in álafoss (which has now been officially named to sundlaugin, which means ‘the swimming pool’) now has a website, where you can read about the studio, look at new photos, browse its equipment, and even book time in the studio. the address is

permalink trading of sigur rós concerts
20 May 2003

we’ve created a new page, peer to peer, in the media section to meet the demand of those fans looking to download and share sigur ros concerts easily amongst each other. we’ve established a trading room where users can exchange these types of files. check out this page for easy instructions on how to access the room. on the page are also instructions on how to access the sigur ros ftp, which contains 81 (!) downloadable concert recordings. please note that trading of copyrighted materials such as complete albums are not condoned by this site.

permalink 2003 tour photos updated
18 May 2003

the 2003 tour photos page has been updated with loads of photos from the spring tour concerts.

permalink videos back online
16 May 2003

all of our 18 videos are now back online. we’ve also added the live performance of vaka from the ‘last call with carson daly’ show to the videos page. happy downloading!

permalink rolling stone poll
15 May 2003

rolling stone has selected sigur ros as one of the 100 great live performers in their ‘best live band’ poll. if you want to take part in this poll you can do so here.

permalink discography & art page updated
14 May 2003

the untitled #1 (a.k.a. vaka) single has now been added to the discography page. we’ve also put up some new fan wallpapers and artwork we’ve received on the sigur ros art page.

permalink nordic council nomination
13 May 2003

sigur ros, steindor andersen and hilmar örn hilmarsson have been nominated for the nordic council’s music prize of 2003 for oðin’s raven magic. maría huld markan, one of the violinists of the amina string quartet (and incidentally kjartan’s girlfriend), also wrote some of the piece but isn’t credited in the nomination list. you can read an article from the nordic council about the work, steindor andersen and hilmar örn hilmarsson here.

permalink vaka single & dvd update
12 May 2003

the vaka single, in the 3″ cd format and 5″ cd + dvd format, was released today in the united kingdom. these formats of the single will be available in stores in the rest of europe and america on may 26th/27th, with the 10″ vinyl format following shortly after. the single is now available to order on sites such as

permalink raven magic performed again
11 May 2003

hrafnagaldur oðins (oðin’s raven magic) will be performed once again, this time at the st. olav festival in trondheim, norway. the piece is set to be performed twice, on the 28th and 29th of july. tickets for both concerts are already available at the set-up will be the same as it was at the two previous occasions it was performed last year, at the barbican in london and at the reykjavík arts festival: the band will be accompanied by a string and brass orchestra and choir, as well as steindor andersen, who will be chanting the 13th century icelandic poem upon which the piece is based. the stone marimba, made up of 54 stones which were picked from the highlands of iceland, will be implemented once again. maría huld markan, one of the violinists from the amina string quartet, will be joining the band to play on the marimba. two sound clips from the barbican performance are available for download on the download music page and you can read more about oðin’s raven magic in this brochure distributed at the barbican premiere:
page one | two | three | four | five (poem) | six (poem)

permalink the album leaf & summer plans
10 May 2003

the album leaf, sigur ros’ support band for the extensive tour which ended last month, will be recording their next album in july at sigur ros’ studio in álafoss, with members of the band. you can find more info at sigur ros’ plans for the summer, besides collaborating with the album leaf and embarking on the june tour, is to begin recording some of their new material (e.g. gong, mílano, salka) in august.

permalink t-shirts now on sale
7 May 2003

the sigur ros merchandise store has begun selling t-shirts. there are 4 designs currently available: two with artwork from ( ), one with artwork from ágætis byrjun, and one with artwork from the vaka single, which is released worldwide next monday. you will need to register with musictoday before purchasing a t-shirt.

permalink greek tour date added
5 May 2003

a tour date in greece has been added to the summer tour. the concert is to be held on july 1st in the melina merkouri theatre, which is an outdoor amphitheatre in athens. tickets will be on sale later this week in metropolis record stores and ticket hellas.

permalink real duet title exposed
3 May 2003

the band has just informed us that the name of the jonsi and kjartan duet, which they wrote when they were 17 years old, is in fact ‘debata mandire’. make of that what you will.

permalink frakkur gig postponed
2 May 2003

unfortunately ‘laurie anderson’s 150w’, the event at which frakkur (jonsi) was to perform his first solo gig, has been postponed due to an illness of one of the other artists set to perform at the event. the event is currently being rescheduled. we’ll have details for you on when and where frakkur will be performing within the next few days. if you have any immediate queries regarding the postponement, please direct them to the moore theatre.

permalink more on jonsi’s solo gig
30 April 2003

you can find more info on the event at which jonsi will be performing his first solo gig on (search for ‘frakkur’). tickets are now on sale for students at a 33% discount.

permalink vaka release date
29 April 2003

the release date for the vaka single and dvd is now may 12th.

permalink radiohead collaboration
25 April 2003

some more info on the upcoming project with radiohead.. sigur rós and radiohead will each perform 20 minutes of live music for merce cunningham’s dance piece to be premiered on october 14th, called ‘split sides’. an interesting thing about this piece is that the dancers won’t have heard the music until they actually start dancing. the bands are now discussing the music’s structure and becoming aware of “interesting problems about what dance music is”. ‘split sides’ will be performed at new york’s brooklyn academy of music and as soon as we have any ticket information we’ll let you know. you can read more info about the piece in billboard’s interview with jonny greenwood from radiohead here.

permalink jonsi’s secret solo gig
25 April 2003

we were going to try and keep it a secret but we can’t resist anymore. earlier in the month we did a ‘noteworthy concert‘ update in which we talked about an interesting icelandic electronica outfit called ‘frakkur’ holding a concert for the first time. this is in fact jonsi. he will be performing a set of his solo material entitled ‘songs for the little boy’ at a small festival in seattle on may 16th called ‘laurie anderson’s 150w’. if you are interested in seizing the amazing oppurtunity of seeing the first ever solo show from any member of sigur ros, you can purchase tickets to the festival’s first evening through any ticketmaster outlet, or online at this address.

permalink competition update
24 April 2003

slight change of plan with the spring competition, we’re now going to spread the 140 prizes we have over a 4 week period of time, i.e. one set of prizes will be rewarded on every thursday from now on for 4 weeks. here’s the arrangement: first week (today) – sigur rós balaclava hats and stencil packs (20 prizes); second week – stencil packs (50); third week – 3″ vaka single (25); fourth week – dvd + 5″ vaka single (25); fifth week – hlemmur tour cd (20). winners will be drawn randomly from the entries we’ve already received but those who haven’t yet entered the competition may do so until it’s over, on may 22nd. once again, to enter you must email us at with the answer to this question: ‘what was the first song jonsi learned to play on guitar?’. (please have the subject line ‘comp’ and leave your postal address in the email.) the winners of first week’s prizes have been drawn and notified via email.

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