Arena Riga
Riga, Latvia

October 15, 2022

7 Comments on “Arena Riga”

  • L?ga



  • Arshaluys


    Thank you It was magic.

  • Evija


    Izcili !

  • Agnese


    I really don’t know how you do this, but from your first sound you bring a audience in other frequencies. Best hypnosis I have ever felt. And even 3 hours were not enough.
    Love you, thank you! Come again

  • Viesturs


    Never knew that I can feel so destroyed and rebuilt at once. Thank you!

  • Anna


    I’ve waited for a chance to see the live show for 16years so the dream came true:) that was a blast-thank you:)

  • Milda


    My husband likes this band and I was just plus1. To my surprise, I was amazed by everything, even the people who attended. No yelling, no drunk/high audience, just all super respectful, quiet people who just want to enjoy the art (not sure if music is the right word to use here, as it was more of the masterpiece art :) ).
    Well after this concert Sigur Ros has at least one more person who likes their work :P

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