O2 universum
Prague, Czech Republic

October 9, 2022

8 Comments on “O2 universum”

  • Robert


    guys, that was… something! best concert in my short nihilistic life tbh, thx

  • Theo


    Oh my god! My heart is still shivering as I recall all that beautiful moments! So deep experience at many levels. I’m so happy I was there. Thank you, guys, I hope to see you sooner than in the next nine years.

    Love you.

  • Delia


    I love you since I saw the first clip played in Czech TV – Glósóli. Have seen you in Amsterdam in 2008, in Berlin 2017 and now in 2022 in my hometown Prague. thank you for breathtaking experience. It was wonderful evening. Thank you ❤️

  • Gunter


    Thank you from all heart for this great concert! Feeling, sound, venue ‐ all was phantastic! It was great to see you again after all those bad news over the last years. It was worth the ride from Germany, concerts in Prague are always relaxing and perfekt.

  • sipukni


    Thank you guys. It was just awesome. I loved that part where you all played piano (I think, had no glasses). I’ve been listening to you for 10 years at least and we finally had you in Prague. Love you, take care

  • Petra


    Thank you for such an out-of-this-world experience. Thank you for your mind touching music. Thank you for the perfect sound. Thank you for your outstanding talents. Thank you for your dedication. And thank you for showing us how to live the music.

  • Mikulas Horak



  • Ra100 Hu100


    4th time, always best, but now and i feel I touched perfection!!!
    expression of the term AUDIOVISUAL…
    thank YOU from Slovakia.

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