Halle 622
Zürich, Switzerland

October 7, 2022

One Comment “Halle 622”

  • Jenn Cain


    This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros live and the concert was beyond my wildest imagination. It’s was all at once… ephemeral, eternal, anger provoking, tear jerking… it’s the sound of angels arriving in heaven after tbey travelled through hell.

    The band, almost ghost like, floated on and off the stage during the performance. On stage there were moments in time when they appeared as halo-graphic projections under flickering lights. And there were moments when the sound was so intense it travelled through my body to shake my seat to a host of a full body experience.

    The rise and fall of emotion from this music mimics the rise and fall of life’s journey. Thank you for this whole immersive experience (sight, sound, feeling, physical, scent (the perfume is amazing), emotion, and spirit). Thank you for coming to Zurich!

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