Zepp Osaka Bayside
Osaka, Japan

August 22, 2022



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6 Comments on “Zepp Osaka Bayside”

  • Izzat


    What a night! From the sounds of the vocal and the instruments, to the lighting and the visual altogether heightened the experience.

  • chizuru


    I experienced a very happy time! My various emotions welled up over and over again and I cried. Your beautiful, strong, and majestic presence is very precious!Takk!!!

  • matumokoron


    Thank you for the mega mega lovely show! I was so happy to be there. Please come back soon. Takk.

  • mka


    I attended Sigur Ros live for the first time.
    It was the most wonderful time and space I have ever experienced.!!!!!!
    Now I want to go to Iceland tattend your live.

  • Grayson


    Second time seeing the band, after catching them in Seoul in 2016. What an incredible setlist, the opening of Untitled 1, 2, and 3, and then Svefn-g-englar was like a spiritual experience. Great venue and sound, too. Absolutely stunning, hope to see the band again someday.

  • CY


    It was my first time seeing you live. Jonsi’s vocals are inhuman. Such an intense, pure, magnificent sound. The visuals for Svefn-g-englar made me tear up, and Andvari, Festival and Untitled #8 were absolutely unforgettable! Actually, scratch that, all of it was!!! What a night! Thank you for coming to Japan! Takk!!

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