Spark Arena
Auckland, New Zealand

August 6, 2022

11 Comments on “Spark Arena”

  • Iain


    I cried for the first half of the show.

    Just beautiful.

    I will be jumping in puddles tomorrow

  • Takk Sigur Ros. So great to have Kjartan back in the band and together you sounded phenomenal. You take me to a happy place that I never want to leave x

  • Hayley


    What a fabulous performance! Had an absolute blast, it was so cool.

  • Arka


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been listening to your music for the past two decades and finally saw you live. Watching my favourite songs played right in front me by my favourite artist was an ethereal experience. Thank you for what you do, your music has helped me a lot through tough times. Please cone back again soon.

  • Rob


    Full published review to follow, but short version:another astounding performance, lacking only one thing:Brennistein!

  • Christine Vaughan


    Blardy brilliant even for new fans!
    Pure Craftsmanship right there xx

  • John Faulding


    Amazing show, sound was superb, the heavy bit in Sæglópur was like a freight train. Awesome

  • ava


    such an amazing show! almost all of my favourites were played, however festival and untitled #7 had to be the best! sigur rós is generally utterly amazing but seeing them live is another life changing experience
    thank you so much sigur rós :)

  • Bridie


    Simply sublime. The sound, along with the mesmerising video back drop, left me (and what felt like the whole crowd) in a state of uplifted zen.

  • Reuben


    Insane, amazing, spectacular, would love to see them again.

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