Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Atlanta, GA, United States

May 27, 2022


Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Heysátan
10. Dauðalagið
11. Smáskifa

Set 2
12. Glósóli
13. E-Bow
14. Ekki múkk
15. Sæglópur
16. Gong
17. Andvari
18. Gold 4
19. Festival
20. Kveikur
21. Popplagið

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12 Comments on “Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre”

  • Adam


    I am not very good at expressing feelings, and it seems I go though most of my life not feeling much at all, but this concert compelled me to at least try. That is how much this band means to me, and has been one of the few things (as well as my significant other) that makes me feel alive.

    My grandparents were born and raised in Iceland, so they have always had a special place in my heart, but it’s more than that. I’m an American. I don’t speak a lick of Icelandic . I have no idea what is actually being said during most songs (especially the Hopelandic songs). What I do know is that this is the only band that makes me FEEL.

    Going to this concert at the Cobb Energy Center was amazing. It is such a great venue for a Sigur Ros concert. I made a point of not looking at the setlist, because I wanted to be surprised, and it exceeded expectations. It’s like they were personally playing a setlist for me, since most of the ( ) album was played.

    I’m not even sure what else I can say. I know I speak for many people that went to this concert when I say that Sigur Ros is a treasure to humanity.

  • Ricki


    Been a fan for ten years and finally got to see y’all live. Truly an amazing experience. Only cried 3 times

  • Kier Klepzig


    An incredibly immersive, beautiful, moving night. 3 hours of a career spanning set. Thank you for the gift of your vision, your craft, your music

  • Brane


    SO GOOD. Cannot even begin to explain how amazing this concert was!!

  • Joshua Bratton


    I wasn’t sure I’d/We’d ever be able see them live again and I cannot possibly describe how incredible it was. Not my first time seeing them but they bring the power as if it were. The smirk they give each other when there’s a mistake is priceless. Thank you all so very much. I showed their photographer my Ekki Múkk knuckle tattoos and she took a ton of photos. I can only dream the back actually sees them

  • Jay


    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Few bands can combine visual art and musical art in the way Sigur Ros can. The show was an incredible invitation to hold both great tension and abundant beauty. This band continually asks of its audience to find balance in polarity – light and dark, beauty and distortion, joy and sorrow, real and ethereal.

  • Jaden Bigio


    Jonsi’s voice and the band’s energy are a forced to be reckoned with. Feeling and listening to the emotion in his voice in person, I couldn’t hold back tears. Some of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced. Takk

  • Elizabeth Mendez


    I didn’t realize i was going to feel the way they made me feel. I cried and cried, such amazing talent. Beautiful music, it hit my soul like no other. You can tell the band love what they do, and so do we. Thank you!

  • Terry Marcukaitis


    Seeing Sigur Ros live was a dream come true. I’ve been listening to their music for over ten years now but nothing compares to hearing it played in person. I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced it.

  • Kevin Jr.


    Like others before me, it’s hard to put into words how special this band is. The second Vaka started to play, my eyes started to water. I couldn’t control my excitement. Unbelievable performance. I have goosebumps as I wrote this review! Takk! Takk Takk Takk..

  • Cheyenne Klohn


    One of the most artistic visual shows I’ve ever experienced. From beginning to end I felt I was being taken on a journey of emotions. I wish I could relive this night just one more time to fully take it all on.

  • Andrew


    Probably one of the most intense concerts I’ve ever been to and I was enthralled the entire time. I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the songs played – I fell off a bit after Takk album and even then I didn’t recall what those songs sounded like. It takes true artistry to transcend language and forget the track of time. I was in the balcony and the sound mixture was perfect even from up there.

    Still, just utterly impressive mesh of visuals, audio and overall experience. I’m glad to have seen Sigur Ros in concert at least once.

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