Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA, United States

May 14, 2022

photos by Patrick Gateley

photos by Malissa Ahlin


Set 1
1. Vaka
2. Fyrsta
3. Samskeyti
4. Svefn-g-englar
5. Rafmagnið búið
6. Ný batterí
7. Gold 2
8. Fljótavík
9. Dauðalagið
10. Heysátan
11. Smáskifa

Set 2
12. Glósóli
13. E-Bow
14. Ekki múkk
15. Sæglópur
16. Gong
17. Andvari
18. Gold 4
19. Festival
20. Kveikur
21. Popplagið

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4 Comments on “Paramount Theatre”

  • Luke Gardner


    For the fans:

    Was just stunning. They still have it. I don’t know how, it makes no sense. The songs are getting better. They seem to know exactly how to play them to maximize every note. Jónsi can sing like no other. The band plays like they’re listening to each others’ minds. They played for like 3 hours. It was mesmerizing.

    Sound was great. It’s loud. It’s very loud! Maybe some of you haven’t been to a concert in a while! Bring earplugs. The sound is incredibly crisp and well-mixed. It’s loud enough to cause pain, though. But there are no sound issues, this was probably the best sounding show I’ve seen from SR. Just know that it’s a dozen times louder than your home setup. It will vibrate your chest. Bathe in it.

    And a note for the band & team:

    ég sjá ykkur síðast i Saint Louis 2006, en fékk að komast í Ólafsvík og Rvk a meðan “heima” var tekið upp. eins og þið vitið, þetta tímabil var sérstök.

    en má eg bara segja – mér fannst í gærkvöldi best sem ég hef séð. svo gott að sjá ykkur núna. heimurinn vantar ykkur.

    ég var skiptinemi á Íslandi, og tónlist ykkar gaf mér séns að velja Ísland (já, ég for til Íslands bara úr tónlist ykkar…) – takk fyrir allt sem þið hefið gert.

    þið eruð duglegir að styrkja island og allir Íslendingar skulda ykkur. kannski viljum þau ekki heyra það.

    áfram, meira, takk! ❤️

  • Greg Stott


    Maybe they got things ironed out for the second night, but I thought they sounded amazing. Yes, it was loud sometimes, but it was crystal clear. Perhaps it depended on where you were seated. I was center stage in the mezzanine behind the mixing board, and it sounded perfect. People always want to be front row, but the best sound tends to be back by the mixing board. The people who waited until the first couple of songs to finally find their seats were annoying, but after that, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The new drummer sounded great. He played hard and aggressively, and I thought it was amazing. Jonsi sounded better than ever, and I liked how Kjartan harmonized with him at times. As always, the visuals were amazing. Glad I made the trip to see them.

  • Alex


    The second night was absolutely incredible. As mentioned in my review from May 13th, while the first night was lovely, it had some very noticeable mistakes. The worst thing that happened on this night was a cable or something in Kjartan’s setup failing him at the beginning of Sæglópur. The band sounded otherworldly and god-like, as they usually do, and this weekend was an experience as magical as I’d hoped it would be in the 10 years it’s taken me to see one my all time favorite bands perform live. I can only hope to see them again someday, and perhaps then with the full string and horn sections (Olsen olsen is one of my all time favorite pieces of music!). Takk, Sigur Rós :)

  • Gwen


    A flawless performance and a magical show. This was my 9th time seeing them live, and I would rank this evening near the top. Every note was perfect, everyone was in synch, the visual art was mesmerizing, and (where I was sitting) the crowd was reverent. The new drummer is really talented. I will continue to drop everything for the chance to see these guys perform.

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