sigur rós 2017 tour

sónar festival
bogota, colombia

dec 2 2017



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56 reviews

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  1. Once again, you show us why we falled in love with you and your music. I can’t believe what I saw in that stage. You were flawless
    Thanks for coming, and showing to Colombia the magic and joy that sigur ros can bring to the world

  2. Beautiful. Sublime. Amazing. Flawless. One of the most enlighting experiences in my life. Takk, takk, takk! ❤️

  3. Gracias!!!!!! Soy felizzzzz (suspiro + cara de ponqué). Nunca pensé que los vería por «estas tierras».
    Gracias por millones!

  4. (This review is the most personal and disclosured thing possible).

    This is a kind of out-of-luck beggar, but I’m telling anyhow… So, I’ve been to see you for as long as I can remember. I actually bought this tickets (Sónar Bogotá) since June, because it was IMPOSSIBLE for you to come to Colombia… anyhow, I went, and I did so with my girlfriend, which I love with all of my heart. But, somehow, she managed to ruin it for me. She got way too wasted. I only saw you for four songs at Sónar Bogotá. I caught just three or four pictures, and a voicenote I sent to my sister through WhatsApp…

    So, long story short, I’ve been dying to see you for way longer than a citizen from a country like mine should hope. I’m not asking for free tickets to norður og niður (I sincerely saved, but tickets from Bogotá to Reykjavik are extremely expensive in our currency), but I would love to see you, in a full show, as soon as possible, because twenty minutes, just about before my personal catastrophe were enough to fall in love with you again…

    You are just brilliant, and magical, and absurd. And ridiculously beyond musical concept. I just can’t handle this. And I might just be handling Colombian expressions way too literal, and I’m sorry if Icelandic expressions are way too far from getting how I’m writing to you, but I’m kind of coloquial in this sense.

    Anyhow, regarding what you were asking:
    I saw you for twenty minutes, and you changed my life. All of you. Jónsi, Goggi and Orri. My festival/concert life will never be the same, even though I’m a musician myself; drummer, even. You guys are way brighter than the day that’s shadowing me as I write to you, and what makes you that bright is the true feeling of honesty and truthfulness that you gave (and give) on all your shows.

    Thank you for allowing me twenty minutes of this huge love for what you do. I shared a little bit of that on Instagram quite some hours ago. I used Google Translate for Islandic, so don’t expect too much accuracy, but what I wrote before translating was: “Twenty minutes were enough. Thank you,” and, forever I will be pleased.

    Thank you for coming to the country I live in, and please, don’t take too long before coming back, because I want to see a full show and I don’t have that much money to travel that much places to see you soon again.

    Much love (official Tour t-shirt bought and everything), and unmeasurable wishes to see you soon again and completely.

  5. Ustedes hacen que nuestras vidas tengan un sentido especial..que conciertazo…son unos verdaderos arquitectos del arte..tocan el alma…no imagine que en vivo fueran a transmitir tanto…mil gracias por hacernos vivir..por este concierto tan majestuoso..Jonsi..Un genio…

  6. Increíble e incomparable. De los mejores conciertos que he visto. Gracias Sigur Rós por venir a Colombia y compartir con nosotros su magia.

  7. Fantástic and epic,
    sigur Ros is ART beyond the music and performance!!!
    I feel iceland in bogota, Perfect Show

  8. I died a few times, and I was reborn again immediately. Each song reflected for me feelings that were not known to me then; at that point there was nothing but feelings for me, except I can’t quite describe what they were. Sigur Rós is a band that can’t be heard as background music, ever. Each melody takes your heart, your mind, and breaks them, twists them, destroys them, until you feel only emptiness, a void in time that can only be filled by their music, by the feelings they transmit. I couldn´t be thankful enough for having been able to see them live. SR is for Sigur Rós, as well as for sweet release.

  9. EPIC, is the word for last night. I think no ones life will be the same after seeing you guys. It is not only because your music is amazing, seeing you live is one of the things that divides a life in two: before this concert/ after this concert. This will be in my heart forever. Thank you so much!

  10. I – N – S – A – N – E !!!!!!!!! The most powerful band in the world. Thank you guys for sharing your music, emotions, your power. A dream night in Bogota. Thanks for coming to planet Earth, definitely you are not from Iceland nor this world. Every single note just take my breath away!!! Thank you!

  11. Having seen Sæglópur and Glósóli live is one of the moments I will always keep in my mind and cherish with my voice. Tears were shed, drinks were drank and happiness coexisted with desolation somehow.
    Takk Jónsi, Takk Goggi, Takk Orri
    My life will never be the same

  12. Impecable presentación, Sigur Rós ha sido el Soundtrack de muchos momentos para mi, un compañero ideal. Vivir estas canciones de nuevo pero ahora justo en frente de la banda es un cóctel de emociones, emociones que pocas bandas pueden transmitir de los álbumes al show en vivo, nuestros amigos Islandeses lo logran y por encima de las expectativas. Es tremendo ver como un canción puede llevarte a sentir tantas cosas por más que no hables en su lengua.
    No importó la tormenta eléctrica de la tarde, el frío de la noche ni las más de 8 horas de pie esperando en la valla… haber visto a Sigur Rós bajo la luz de una luna llena la noche del 3 de Diciembre de 2017 lo puedo destacar como una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida.

  13. Just beautiful, magical. Second time I see you live. Amazing performance, visuals and sound. Gracias. Takk fyrir Sigur Rós

  14. After this my life has change. I’m not the same person anymore. Love you guys with all my heart.

  15. It was Magic! Great lightning, great performance! I loved it! I hope to see Ísjaki in another concert!
    Takk Sigur Rós!

  16. Amazing!!!!!, love, happiness, sadness, melancholia, a lot of more feeling i get from the songs….just incredible TAKK

  17. Hace 17 años escuché por primera vez sus sonidos hipnotizantes y mágicos. Los seguí, los descubrí álbum tras álbum, los vi una y otra vez en sus videos. Los pensé como un sueño. Este año lo increíble: estarían en Bogotá, y yo también. Entonces ocurrió, en una noche de luna llena soñé junto a ustedes y sentí que volaba como los niños de glósóli. Ahora sé que son reales y que la capacidad de flotar también lo es. Los amo!

  18. From the roots of my soul: Thank you! I’d waited almost 14 years, since I first listened to Ágætis byrjun and got completely captivated and mesmerised by the beauty, poetry, emotionality, depth and awesomeness of what you guys do. Your music opened my mind in some many ways I can’t fully describe here and ever since I’ve been longing to see you perform live. I used to do some work related travelling and one of the first things I used to check for was whether you guys were to be around… and finally I got to see you, in my homeland!, something I thought would never happen… that’s just amazing! I’m still trying to wrap my head around your performance last night. It was such a powerful event, such a huge energy exchange, all the emotions in play, tears, joy, euphoria, all the beauty… I guess I’m going to keep processing this for months to come. YOU GUYS ARE JUST FUCKING AWESOME! Hope to see you some day in Iceland. Thanks and thanks again from every stardust particle that composes my being for what you do, I think words can’t fully express what you are and mean to your fan base, just like your music, is the power of experience! Like staring at the Universe knowing you are so minimal amidst of such an incommensurable beauty. You are the soundtrack of my love and life and an integral part of my deep love this planet, for existence.

  19. I think this may be the most powerful experience I’ve had in a concert. Thanks for talking to my soul through such beautiful harmonies, textures and lights.

  20. I’ve always dreamed with seeing Sigur Rós live and finally my dream came true. One of my favorite shows of this year and by so far, beyond others. It was worth every single minute I had to wait all this time, Sigur Rós were all I expected. Beautiful.

  21. BEAUTIFUL, it was a magical night full of feelings and emotions. I still can’t believe i saw Sigur Rós live and i will never forget it. Hope to see you soon again. Takk.

  22. A concert like yours can heal souls. You guys made everyone forget social media existed. Everyone was feeling with their souls and listening with their hearts. This is why we go to concerts. To experecience, to feel, to love. Thakk!

  23. What a great show! Waited too long for you… I will go to see you again wherever you play again!

  24. Ustedes son verdaderos artistas. Su concierto es como un ritual que te lleva a un lugar mistico. Gracias/Takk

    vinsamlegast komdu aftur

  25. You are spectacular. Thank you very much for what your music produces, your art. The concert was unforgettable. Come back someday, we will not miss.

  26. I never though I would be able to see you guys live, even less in Latin America. You are my favorite band since many many years, and seeing you live was definitely a dream come true. The experience was everything I expected and more. So much fellings, words can’t even describe. Jonsi’s energy on stage was a please to observe, Georg’s playing was on point and Orri’s drum OMG, what a Beast. I’m happy to see that you guys can deliver such a powerful show with only 3 members. A night to remember for years to come. I just hope I can see you again some other time, hopefully in your homeland. Long life Sigur Rós.

  27. I never though I would be able to see you guys live, even less in Latin America. You are my favorite band since many many years, and seeing you live was definitely a dream come true. The experience was everything I expected and more. So much fellings, words can’t even describe. Jonsi’s energy on stage was a please to observe, Georg’s playing was on point and Orri’s drum OMG, what a Beast. I’m happy to see that you guys can deliver such a powerful show with only 3 members for years to come. I just hope I can see you again some other time, hopefully in your homeland. Long life Sigur Rós.

  28. It was a great load of good energy. The moonlight, the lightshow and your beautiful music made the perfect atmosphere. I’m thankful I got to see you here, in my own city. It’s such an honor you got to see with your own eyes that your music has traveled such long distances, that you have touched so many souls in all this years, and that this latin countries have a great potential of hearing and embracing Islandic sounds.

  29. Best concert of the year! An overwhelming experience, I was amazed from the start to the end. Takk!

  30. It was the best show of my life. Thank you guys for such an amazing night. The strength in every word and in every chord was something out of this world. Thank you.

  31. Happy eleven months with my boyfriend thanks to Sigur Rós, one of the best experiences of my life, mesmerising, breathtaking, cathartic. TAKK SIGUR RÓS.

  32. This concert exceeded my expectations (which were already SO high coming from my favorite band in the world since I was a kid). I felt an ineffable connection with your music -which touched my heart from the very beginning to this very moment (a day after). I’ll NEVER forget this moment seeing you live. Thank you for making my dream come true, GRACIAS! I ABSURDLY LOVE YOU ♡ Takk! ~sebas_xci

  33. You was the creators of a inspirational night. You guys makes me feel beyond my senses. I felt Iceland inside me running on my system. Never forget!

  34. Immersed in the music, the lights, the moon, the night… so many emotions bursting inside, when your eyes caught mine and then there was no going back. Your stare was a powerful magnet drawing me towards you, a string of light and shadow joining us in a distant but intimate dance, while you played the most beautiful music in the world. I still cannot believe how wishful and happy i felt, maybe i was dreaming.

  35. I had never experienced something so deep with music as I did last night with your performance. Unbelievable, so glad to be there to appreciate what a really good music is. I AM IN LOVE WITH U.

  36. One of the best concerts I have been too. Can not wait till the next I see you guys live again

  37. This show was not human. You guys are not from this world. I’m speechless. Thank you for coming. I love you.

  38. I went with my boyfriend José and my beautiful mother and, really, the most amazing experience i’ve ever had. I have no words to express how incredible i felt there. I’ve been a fan for a really long time, your music has helped me in so many ways, in hard and good times, thank you for that. I’m a film student (as well as my boyfriend) and everytime we have to make a shortfilm we get inspiration from your songs. We also made an experimental film (academic only) called Kraftaverk with Ekki Mukk as background music, it can be found on vimeo, it’s about an egg going through the process of birth, we both cried so much when you played this song, so many memories. I just can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, for everyone. TAKK FYRIR. Can’t wait to see you again someday. Gracias.

  39. It’s a fact, no need acids or drugs ‘cause your music elevate our souls and our minds, thanks for creating hallucinated sounds.. You, guys, made an unforgettable night, my ears rumble with the perfect music that I heard, and Now I feel an even greater connection with you.. Jónsi is, by far, the best singer in the world, you clarified it very well on stage. Takk Sigur Rós I will see you again!! <3

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