sigur rós 2017 tour

sec armadillo
glasgow, united kingdom

sep 24 2017



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  1. A stunning combination of music and lights. Jonsi’s voice is so pure and his range verges on seeming supernatural.
    It was a wonderful concert, come back soon please!

  2. A sonic and visual spectacle, impassioned music of raw emotional intensity lead by Jónsi’s soaring vocals. The intimate Glasgow ‘Armadillo’ hosted what was clearly ‘The Event’ of 2017 for Sigur Rós fans. Second opportunity in Glasgow this evening – if you haven’t bought ticket already, now is your chance! Takk Fyrir Georg, Jónsi and Orri.

  3. Like no other concert I’ve ever seen before. The visuals mixed with the stunning music of Sigur Ros made this a truly unforgettable night. This band are from another planet. Thank you for the most amazing night!

  4. This was my third time at a Sigur Ros concert! Once again, I was overwhelmed by the spectacular show and beautiful performances from Jonsi, Georg and Orri. I loved how it was just the three of them this time, and their new design and format was brilliant. Seeing this band live is not like any other gig you’ve been to, it’s a transcendent, emotional experience. Come back soon!

  5. Sigur Rós were absolutely incredible last night. They really know how to put on a show.
    from Jónsi’s insane vocals, to feeling the vibrations from the bass, to being mesmerised by the light show. I’m still blown away by last night.
    Sigur Rós has always reached me on such an emotional level. I have to admit there were times last night where the tears were streaming down my face because the music just got to me.

    It was so lovely to see Jónsi, Georg and Orri’s relationship on stage. When they walked past one another they gave a simple touch onto the others back. It was so nice to see.

    Like the last Sigur Rós show I attended, I will not forget. It was a treat to the eyes, ears and heart.

  6. I’ve been a fan for so long and discovered you through your biggest hit.

    But you didn’t play Hoppipolla, a song that’s meant so much to me over the past decade. If I had a song like that In my repertoire then I’d be playing it twice!!! I hope there was a good reason for leaving it out and if it was anything to do with the lack of brass in your set then I’d still expect it to be rearranged.

    Everything was mesmerising before that but I just left feeling flat. I just thought with the £50 charge I’d get to hear ALL the biggest songs you have.

    Sorry for the slightly negative review. I just looked forward to this so much as don’t feel like I got your all. I’ll see you again I hope but maybe in a festival environment instead.


  7. Superb ethereal sound with amazing visuals and light show.

    Jonsi’s vocals, his range and that strange but wonderful bowed guitar. Keyboard and of course drums by the brilliant Orri and Georg on bass It all just blows you away. Very different, very emotional experience which has drawn us to their home in Iceland in the past. Equally moving in Glasgow last night

    Thank you Sigur Ros.

  8. Great gig, but need to ask why was Dauðalagið left off the setlist last night…..? Just curious why Glasgow got a shortened setlist……..

  9. 5th time seeing you guys live – no gig is like the other.. some songs yesterday were played in such a different way! from the intimacy and calm of Ekki Múkk or Sæglópur to those with more dynamic Popplagið, Óveður, Kveikur, Ný Batterí (I felt so constricted on the chair in those moments ), takk fyrir with all my heart, you beautiful people.
    you made me very happy! And thanks for the little chat and accepting my hug Orri, I wish I could have stayed longer to squeeze Jonsi and Georg too :) and that I could follow you in your next destinations. Keep bringing all those range of emotions to the world!
    Grazie <3

  10. You know its good when you have not understood a word of it but you were still mesmorised by the spectacle.
    Its a pleasure just to sit and be entertained by a very talented bunch of individuals.



  11. Many thanks for the beautiful sensory experience, have seen you several times and you never disappoint. Glorious and sublime, looking forward to seeing you in December in Iceland.

  12. A concert that takes you on a journey. It is not merely a ‘gig’; it is a guided tour of Sigur’s poignant, kaleidoscopic world. Visually staggering and sounds that give you goosebumps. Majestic and thoroughly recommended.

  13. A stunning combination of sound and light. I’ve been going to gigs since 1974 (yes I am that old) and have seen many great bands over 43 years but this was just superb. At times it went beyond music to another sphere as the colours and sound collided in something that can only be described as magical. I know that may sound weird but you have to see this band to understand. And I’m not given to hyperbole and at 59 years old should know better. Sigur Rós have redefined the live gig and I can’t wait for their next album and UK tour.

  14. i’ll be remembering this concert for the rest of my life. i went to your glasgow concert alone because i had a feeling i would be feeling quite a bit, and i was right. i shed so many different types of tears last night, and every worried or anxious thought that i’ve been shouldering lately just disappeared the instant you started playing. jonsí voice cracked in all the most glorious ways i hope you never catch a cold and orri there is no way you were a human for the last song of that set (legende!) and kjartan my heart has spent the last forty-eight hours beating to your “festival” bassline. it will probably do that for some time yet.

    if you ever need or want a poet cellist barista stelpa on tour let me know, would be there in a heartbeat.

    will see you on tour again soon! infinite gratitude to you all. xxx

  15. There’s a lot of amazing bands in the world who put on incredible live productions but very few who do it as well as Sigur Ros. Sunday night was nothing short of spectacular. You do not simply watch Sigur Ros you experience everything they have to give.
    This was the first show I recall going to where the audience were all in unison. There was no idle talking between or during songs. There were hardly any people taking photos to post on the internet because they all wanted to enjoy every single second of energy in the room. Having two sets was a new concept and something I’ve not seen the band do before but it worked very well and broke the evening up nicely. There were some noticeable absentees from the set list such as svefn-g-englar and hoppipolla but this did not matter one little bit as the wave of emotions throughout the set was carried beautifully. If any other songs had been in there I doubt it would have been the same experience.
    The visuals were simply breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. At times they almost seemed three dimensional particular during Vaka and the immense Sæglópur which was a personal highlight for the evening. The conclusion with Popplagið was a sonic wall of light and music that has to be experienced to be understood as sometimes words can not describe how truly good it was. Takk Sigur Ros. Takk so very, very much. We’ll see you again very soon in Reykjavik in December. Until then …

  16. What a an amazing show, a privilege to listen to such beautiful and powerful music. You just keep getting better and better. A rollercoaster of emotions from the first notes to the amazing Popplagið at the end. Too many highlights, but Fljótavík was quite simply stunning and had me in floods of tears, such a beautiful performance. Loved the new songs and can’t wait for a new album. Thank you. Takk. Hurry back.

  17. This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros live after getting a ticket the day before from a friend who couldn’t make it.
    So sad my friend couldn’t go but happy it let me experience this beautiful concert.
    The light show was such an integral part of the experience the only other band I have seen do that to the same degree is Nine Inch Nails. I felt completely enveloped by it all. Floating from beautiful and ethereal to deafeningly powerfully loud.
    A highlight for me was definitely Kveikur, wow, that shook me right to my core!
    I will definitely be going to see them again next time the come to Glasgow or maybe even next time I am in Iceland!

  18. I went to the Apollo in London on Friday which was so fantastic, I had to get a ticket for the Armadillo gig last night. Both gigs were out of this world and some of the greatest concerts I have ever been to. Jonsi’s vocals, the phenomenal musicianship of each member, the sound and the stage setup and lighting – WOW! Thank you Sigur Ros, your music is so uplifting to me. I cannot wait to see you again.

  19. I love the Sigur Ros music and have been listening to them for many many years. The music just takes you to another world, and when I heard that they were coming to Glasgow I couldn’t wait to go, I didn’t care what was happening I just had to go !! The show was absolutely amazing, it was a whole experience that I will never forgot, and hopefully see again. The music was just so pure and beautiful along with all the lights and displays. Listening to them is one brilliant thing, and always will be, but seeing Sigur Ros live was definitely a life experience that takes my breath away, and made me so emotional with tears in my eyes, and took part of me back to Iceland. Please come again soon to Scotland, your music and shows are amazing.

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