sigur rós 2017 tour

tokyo, japan

aug 01 2017



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  1. Thank you guys (╹◡╹)
    It was really awesome show tonight !
    I will miss you guys (T ^ T)

  2. Thank you so much for coming and giving us amazing experience !!So perfect performance and beautiful lights.I cried a lot to watch today’s show.I felt happy to and got big power to live.thank you.I will never forget today’s night.Please come Japan again soon!!

  3. Thank you for wonderful show!!!
    We love you guys sooooo much.
    Please come back soon!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for great performance.
    all you works are so beautiful!
    I hope I could see your performance again someday…

  5. I saw SR’s shows for the first time!
    Dreaming,There was come true.And in Tokyo!
    Thanx for awesome time tonight ;-)

  6. Thank you for amazing sound and space.
    Your songs like a blizzard and volcano.
    Please come to Japan again!!

  7. Last night was one of my best night. Your music made me happy and calm , and gave me force. Takk sigur ros. Takk. Takk. Takk. I will wait for watching your show again. I hope you come to Japan again. Love.

  8. Unbelievable!!!!!
    It’s sooooooooo much fabulous.
    I really want to see you again.
    I will do effort to make my music more better .
    Someday I will hug you on backstage!!!!

  9. Arigato + Takk + Thank you so much for such an unforgettable night! Your gig was indescribably great and filled with beautiful inspiration.
    Already looking forward to being the proud audience again asap!!

  10. It was a totally beautiful night.
    Sometimes I couldn’t stop to shed tears. Your music washed my soul up.
    Thank you for coming guys, and I hope to see you soon:)

  11. Thank you for give us greatest moments!
    I never forget this special night.
    Arigato Mata kite ne.

  12. Dear Sigur Ros, my years-long dream came true on day 1 of my birth month thanks to you. Last evening, I wished I could linger in your world longer. But just like all beautiful dreams, I awoke. With your music in my ears and heart, I shall keep chasing my own musical dreams. With Love.

  13. Words are not enough to describe what I saw last night.
    I remember years ago when I first heard a song from you and it was love at first hearing – since then I’ve been dreaming about a concert and you just showed me that sometimes, dreams come true.
    I believe you three are angels of God sent in the form of musicians to this cruel dark world to light up our souls and care for our hearts. When you’re on stage, it’s like you’re pouring your souls out, filling the venue and those there with joy and a love that it’s much bigger than any heart in this world – and I just drawn into your souls.
    Thank you very much for such an emotional, sensitive and beautiful night. I long for more.
    Love and light.

  14. I’v never seen before such a beautiful and amaging gig!!
    I feel the Iceland’s earth, natures, and can’t be overestimated
    I saw the outer space!
    I released the mind from earth gravity…
    Takk! so much Takk! come to japan!
    Love Sigur Rós!

  15. I’v never seen before such a beautiful and amaging gig!!
    I feel the Iceland’s earth, natures, and can’t be overestimated
    I saw the outer space! amazing!
    I released the mind from earth gravity…
    Takk! so much Takk! come to japan! Love Sigur Rós!

  16. Ég heitir Kazumi.

    You’re awesome!! Amazing and brilliant show I’ve never seen. I felt my body and sole were gone somewhere.

    I was dancing from FESTIVAL to Popplagið on the steps next to the wall because I couldn’t just sit on the seat with your world. The security noticed me but I was allowed to dance in front of the door and kept dancing. It was amazing experience !!

    I danced at your concert in Asheville, US last October. Some audiences danced there. Probably it was only me dancing.
    I’m a Japanese and live in Japan . I hope other japanese can express their happiness and their hearts are full fill with invisible something. I know Japanese is very shy.

    Anyway, you are awesome!! Sounds, music, lighting and background images like the earth or the core of cells.

    Thank you so much amazing show!! Hope you will back to Japan very soon!!
    Or , I will visit Europe to see your concert. ;)))

    TAKK :)))

    Love and Lights

  17. i tremble with tears especially fljotavik, festival, and
    i loved the silent 10 seconds like stopped moment during music..
    i was sometimes waving arms. could u see.
    thank you for coming. appreciate.
    an evening with sigur ros was dreams.
    on 8/1

  18. Since I firstly, and happend to listen to your song on radio when I was still a kid in such a small city, I’ve been wanted to go to your live show some day.
    The show last nigjt was just amaizing, and some sort of eye-opening experience for me at the same time. I’m really greatful for the last evening with you. Takk a lot.

  19. That night was definitely special for me. How magnificent the show was! It made me cry and I was filled with happiness. Thank you so much for coming! I’m always waiting for you, folks! :)

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