sigur rós 2017 tour

tokyo, japan

jul 31 2017



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  1. Thanks for coming back to Japan. It was an amazing performance, and I personally liked it more than the last Budokan concert.
    I thought it’ had been better if we could have stand on our feet.
    But overall, it was great.

  2. I was crying the whole time during the gig! That was THE best live I have ever been to. You moved me, thank you so much for coming to Tokyo.

  3. thanks for coming to Tokyo!! It was a very exciting and amazing performance.
    When I heard your first sound, my eyes were filled with tears…!
    I was very happy to see you and listen to your music. please come to Tokyo again!

  4. Fantastic show…just stunning. I don’t know if it’s because the sound quality at the venue was so good or what, but I thought it was even better than last time at Budokan. Thanks for coming!!

  5. Hi! I just came back home after ur show. Just wanna say thank very much for coming and let us had today we have been looking forward to.
    It was absolutely nice and dope tonight for everyone came to there! Have a good time in Tokyo and hope I can see you guys soon on the near future!takk

  6. I came to Tokyo to see you from Kyushu island. That was the best live in my life.Hope you are enjoying your Japan tour. I will visit Iceland this autumn! Takk!!

  7. Thank you very much for your wonderful show!
    It was nice night.
    Please, please come to Tokyo again!

  8. Hljóð, söng rödd, afköst, vídeó, það var fallegt og dásamlegt allt. Við munum halda áfram að styðja líf. Ég elska. Vinsamlegast komið til Japan líka.Takk!!!!!

  9. It was a great show! It was my first time to participate in your concert. I always listen to your CDs but it was completely different from originals tonight. So powerfull and enthusiastic. Please hold a concert again in Japan, I’d like to see you at a smaller concert hall.

  10. Dear Members,
    I got sooo excited that’s why luckily I was able to see your show tonight.
    My wish came true for the first time in 10 years since I knew Sigurros.
    The only dissapointing thing is that I was not able to see the show till the end because I did not want to miss the last train home (my home Sendai is quite far from Tokyo!).
    So please, if possible, come to Sendai someday so that I will be able to indulge myself in your amazing music.
    Looking forward to seeing your shows again in the near future.


  12. Tonight, we witnessed only three men to make miracles.
    Takk, Sigur Rós! Today’s show was Super-Supply. I can keep living as long as your music.

  13. This is the first time for me to go to your show. Never seen such a heart moving concert, never heard such a beautiful sound. Thank you very much!! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Japan again.

  14. Just amazing! You gave us great pleasure. Thank you for coming to Japan. Can’t wait to join the next tour!

  15. Had an amazing night! Never had I seen such a beautiful thing in my life.
    You will be my beauty if the life forever! Takk:)g

  16. such a beautiful show…!!
    Bursting of energy like the creation of the earth.
    you fill me with joy of living.
    Love you guys so much.
    Thank you…!!!

  17. It was a great performance tonight!! Absolutely loved it.
    I had goosebumps, and am still repeating every moment of it in my mind.
    Thank you for coming to Japan Arigato!!! Hope we will see you again soon.

  18. Simply breathtaking. It felt as if I were in heaven. The show was utterly beautiful, powerful and magical.
    Takk Sigur Rós!!
    Someday I wish to see you perform in your homeland, Iceland. With a nice and warm Icelandic sweater would make it even better:)


    Love from Japan

  19. It was stunning. All sound completely matched with the stage set. I felt like I was in a universe, in thunder clouds, in magma, in deep sea, in supernova explosion,and so on. It was extraordinary experience. Takk Sigur Ros!

  20. I even don’t know how to pronounce the title of your songs, nor the meaning of your lyrics, I can feel full of energy and spirit from your songs.
    Tonight, Just impressive and awesome.
    Enjoy the rest of your tour, and hope to see you again soon!

  21. Awesome!
    They were amazing!
    It was so beautiful and violence live.
    Lighting, image ,music Which was perfect!
    Tonight’s live was the best live in my life.
    Thank you for coming to Japan!

  22. Thank you for an amazing show, last night. I made the (日本) flag, that was on your Instagram, with my 6 years old daughter. This is my first sigur ros show. I was intoxicated with stillness and movement. These made perfect harmony. I never forget this blissful musical experience.

  23. Thanks to come back to Japan!
    I was moved to tears by tonight’s show.
    It was like, I’m in church and surrounded by a beautiful hymn.
    I hope I can see you guys very very sooon!
    You guys are always my favorite band.
    Thank you! Arigato! Takk!

  24. The last night live was amazing, much more than I expected from the past videos. I actually cried at some points with the overwhelming sound and visual effect on the stage. Thank you for your performance and please come to Japan again.

  25. Thank you to come back Japan!
    It was Amazing and beautiful time.

  26. Takk fyrir að heimsækja!
    Það var besta árangur!!!
    Ég hef þú krakkar eru svo elska! !
    Ég njóta Japan dvalar!
    Takk sigur rós!!!
    Love you guys♡

  27. Takk!!!
    høyeste ytelse!!!
    Jeg vil ikke glemme Dagens hendelser!!!
    Takk Takk Takk Takk Takk……

  28. Thank you so much for last night’s performance! The visuals-music combo was so amazing! I loved how the unique visuals made me think of a story while listening to your beautiful music. And the sound quality was so good! I hope to see you guys around again (saw you last in New York at Madison Square Garden ;) Takk! ありがとう!

  29. Amazing show and LIGHTING as always! I was hoping for some conversation with the audience tho ;)

  30. Thanks for coming to my city :) The show was awesome! I was impressed the rays on stage were running to the drum sound. I hope to see you guys soon. Takk :)

  31. I’m glad beyond words……!
    Please come to Japan again!
    Thank you,

  32. It was a great pleasure finally watching you perform for the first time your music helped me get through some dark days in the past.
    Thanks for the uplifting Energy Again.

  33. I was very moved by your beautiful music and the lighting effects.
    I felt as if I were dreaming.
    Thank you for coming to JPN and a wonderful performance.
    Please come again!

  34. The show in Tokyo was wonderful so Osaka decided to go!
    I am happy to see 4 performances!
    see you in osaka!

  35. The concert in Tokyo was amazing, breathtaking! Thank you Sigur Ros!
    The quality of the sound was highly impressive as well.

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