sigur rós 2017 tour

hordern pavilion
sydney, australia

jul 25 2017



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  1. Jonsi’s voice combined with an amazing visual show made the 4 year wait well worth it.

  2. Great show! BUT needed to start on time…

    The drummer needs to tie his sticks together and throw them in a pair.

  3. Takk @sigurros ❤️ Your music helped me through the toughest part of my life when someone dear to me left this world. Your voice is both haunting and flawless. Tonight was magical, transcendent ✨

  4. I’m walking out of the Hordern Pavilion feeling like I’ve been scrubbed raw. Visions of shifting red digital lavascapes, the pulses of light through a broken cage, the strange darkness between songs where the absence of that music is palpable.
    I’ve never seen a crowd at the Hordern be so respectful. The whole room held their breath as Jonsi drew his bow back and forth.
    Saeglopur and Glosoli left me an emotional wreck and the finale left me standing there in awe.

  5. Great show guys. So spiritual and uplifting. The lightshow was fantastic, really complimented the sound. Takk <3.

  6. Amazing show however the bass player needs to keep his bass in tune as the show goes on.

    Also start on time at the next show so you can have encore!

  7. So good I was almost in tears. Nothing has changed, haven’t seen Sigur Ros for twelve years and they were just as awe inspiring as last time. I definitely won’t leave it so long again.

  8. One of the most magical concerts I have ever been to where I was left in tears at one stage then was headbanging only minutes later. My life feels so much richer having finally seen these guys live. Takk Takk.

  9. Jonsi is pure magic! Would have loved to hear Salka, but such a good show! I saw you a couple of years ago at Harvest festival and it was the most incredible performance I have ever seen, next to tonight! Also jonsi should do a solo tour so you can come back soon!!

  10. You have all touched my heart✨. Words cannot describe. I will never forget this night. Ever grateful. Until next time, Takk.

  11. The trip from New Zealand was absolutely worth it! Thank you so so much for putting together a show so ethereal, emotional and raw. Being in the front row was incredible but I’m sure everyone in the room was just as blown away as I was. Hope to see you again soon <3 takk!

  12. I love you, you crazy interdimensional musical alien angel freaks. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Takk. Takk.

  13. Thank you for your beautiful performance. You play with total commitment and soul!

  14. Your Sydney performance was *absolutely stellar* and you put so much music around the world to shame. Thank you for taking the time to put on an extra sideshow after Splendour.

  15. You are my life blood, Sigur rós.
    You have made me feel emotions I didn’t know were even real.
    You bare your souls on stage and I am forever grateful.
    If I can, I will try and come to Iceland for your December shows.
    Thank you for such an imcredible night.
    All my love.

  16. Guys, that was an amazing performance last night.
    Loved the chill set followed by an intense second set.
    Takk for last night, please do come back soon.

  17. Long time fan first live experience. It was absolutely amazing, awesome band. Light show was phenomenal. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to! Well done guys, it was magical…

  18. One of the most unforgettable concerts I’ve ever been to. Thank you so much for coming to Sydney. So ferocious and beautiful live.

  19. i went to see you at splendour last year and when i found out you were coming back i was so excited to be able to see you for a second time. your music has the rare ability of being able to transport people to a timeless space, and during the concert i felt as if i was there, and the only thing which existed was the entire concert hall. it was a truly beautiful and intense experience. thank you so much for bringing your show again to australia and i hope you come again soon. takk.

  20. I’ve been waiting over 10 years to have the opportunity to see one of my favourites live and last night (Sydney show 25/7) I finally got the opportunity. You guys were amazing, the energy and emotion you brought and created was unbelievable! I can’t wait to see you live again!
    Thank you


    I find it difficult to adequately describe the energy and the depth of Sigur Rós’ performance (not to mention the lower quality of the iPhone pictures – of course I wasn’t allowed to use my camera..).
    Layers of sounds and visuals came together to create a small universe that seemed to overcome the narrow borders of our perception.
    A seemless transition from sound to colour and from colour to sound. A lucid collage of frequencies, visible and audible.
    Deep, all embracing basses, brilliant waves of otherworldly sounds, explosions of harmonics, dancing with ever changing light beings, pulsating, breathing, expanding… And Jonsi’s angelic voice, soaring high above, intricately interwoven with waterfalls of overtones from his guitar which he played mainly with a bow.

  22. Thank you guys for an astonishing night in Sydney!
    I look forward to hearing your new album!
    Milen Boubbov

  23. One of the best live performances I’ve seen in many years. Great set list, great musicianship, great emotion. See you in Reykjavik in December.

  24. Thank you so much Sigur Ros!!! I watched your performance at the Horsern Pavilion! AMAZING! I love all of you so much!!! I’m in love with your music. PLEASE COME BACK!!!

  25. OMG…Words fail me….One of the best concerts i have ever attended….I sat mesmerized the whole time except for when i videoed a few songs…to replay for myself to keep the memories close….love…love…love

  26. I’ve seen you four times now, and will continue to see you every time you’re down here. Each gig has been different, and has shed a new light on your wonderful music. Thank you!

  27. Music and beyond… into the realm of the senses and emotions, I’ve waited years to see Sigur Ros having missed them in the UK and Australia on the last occasion. I came with my 13 year old son, his first concert, and one he’ll remember as something very special. Hard to find the words to describe how the music touches something deep inside. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for a return magical evening, didn’t want it to end, a feeling of the crowd… as we all held our ground waiting for an encoure

  28. I am probably not alone in saying that there is nothing like a Sigur Rós concert, because there is nothing quite like Sigur Rós. It was a great privilege and an honour to experience this career retrospective concert last night at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion that was incredibly spellbinding from its start to its finish. The staging of this career retrospective was jaw-droppingly wonderful. The staging added another dimension to the experience that was as rich and varied as the musical smorgasbord of songs on display. It is a concert that I am still buzzing to, and will stay with me until the next time the visit Sydney (hopefully not too long a wait until the next tour down under!) Even though it was a career retrospective, I hope and trust that there is more glorious Sigur Rós music yet to come. :-). xo

  29. Wow. That was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Light, sound, intensity.. The music was enchanting, and surreal (as you should know), and amazingly performed. Brilliant.

  30. Phenomenal show, guys. Virtuosic performances, brilliant staging & lighting design. With the speed of the lights combined with the smoke effects, you looked bathed in both light and sound at times. Truly breathtaking.

    I saw you live for the first time 4 years ago at the Eden Project. I hope it’s not another 4 years before I get to see you again. But you’re always worth the wait. Have an awesome time taking over Reykjavik later in the year!

  31. absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! we were right at the front with only two rows of people in front of us and it was so thrilling to be so close to the stage. the second set especially was wild, I wish it never ended!!!! so magical to see you guys live :D

  32. What a privelege to be immersed in such a profoundly heartfelt, intense and blissful journey of heavenly sounds. Sigur Ros, you took me in and out of places within myself that made me feel awe, gratitude and reverence. You create a bridge between unseen worlds, bringing sacred intention to every breath, every thought and every beat of my humming heart. Thank you. I can’t wait to take that journey with you again. ❤

  33. The modesty you revealed at the end – with your bows, your thanks to the (totally amazing) crowd, your clear love of each other and your fans – that made it for me. Not like a gig or a concert but this was like being transformed somewhere else totally. Thank you. Thank you for taking us all somewhere else, touching the void, touching heaven. Deeply humbling, personal and a glimpse of the divine. Takk xx

  34. Really great performance by the three members.Enthralling from beautiful passages to the most mesmerising crescendos in all modern music!!! Thank you+++(!!!

  35. The most insane concert, just mesmerising. My first time seeing Sigur Ros and I loved every minute. Would travel to Iceland in winter to see them.

  36. Truly a singular transcendent experience, it was like living in a dream, a dream which I will never forget. And I love how not a word is spoken by the band for it emphasises the personal musical experience and its mystery therein.

  37. Once again a very moving experience. Sigur Ros performance was an amazing journey into the soul. The outstanding musicians delivered a unique flow of awakening the senses. Still high :-D

  38. Some mind blowing moments, so intense yet also calming. Emotions flowing and continued to experience the feels for days following the performance.
    >Thanks Sigor Ros, Brilliant

  39. Best live show of any band EVER! Love you guys with everything I have. I weep every time! ❤❤❤

  40. Þakka ykkur öllum mjög mikið for the show, it was, without a doubt, the most amazing live show I have ever had the good fortune to listen to, or to watch. Remarkable. Thanks so much!

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