sigur rós 2017 tour

splendour in the grass
byron bay, nsw, australia

jul 23 2017



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  1. I was killing some time at splendour and asked my mate who plays before LCD sound system and he mentioned you guys and that I would really enjoy your show. Decide to see the first 15 minutes than go to meg mac. Decided to stay the whole show. Was incredible, from the first song I had goosebumps, it was so powerful and beautiful. One of the best live shows I have ever seen

  2. Stage design was magnificent and the music was a very welcome interruption from the general style of music that Splendour offers. We dont deserve you at all, but so thankful that you came. Abseloutley fantastic show. Haunting and uplifting all at once.

  3. An unforgetiul performance once again. This is my second time seeing Sigur Rós perform live and they keep getting better and better. The light show and asthetics in particular were amazing and out of this world, just like Sigur Rós’ sound!!! The bass and pocussion were amazing and you could feel it radiating through the venue and your body. Jonsi’s voice was haunting and beautiful and by far the most special vocals I’ve ever heard. I highly recommend seeing Sigur Rós and hope they return to Australia sooner than latter!

  4. This was our second year in a row going to Splendour specifically to see Sigur Ros. This year we had to suffer through School Boy Q just to get front and center, but it was worth it. Sigur Ros have been my favourite band since discovering them in around 2002 and are incredible to see live. The emotion and artistry that goes into a live show is amazing and the visuals really help to create an other-wordly atmosphere, which is the joy of Sigur Ros. I hope next time I can hear ‘Njosnavelin’ as it’s my favourite Sigur Ros song. Thank you for coming to Australia again!!

  5. Second year in a row, right up the front for this all senses awakening band. Another awesome performance; Sigur Ros are true artists. Thank you for the incredible experience, I can’t believe I’ve been so lucky to see you guys two years in a row!! I’m a dancer & choreographer and love to use your music to create contemporary dance pieces so thank you for providing such inspiring sounds :)

  6. A very engaging and epic performance. My first time seeing you guys and I was blown away by the stage design, soundscape and grand nature of it all. It was much louder than I expected and while it was a little too loud to begin, I quickly go used to it. Overall a highlight of the show for me, hope you guys come back soon!

  7. Amazing set, the visuals were incredible!!!! Please can you play hopipolla at your net concert…. would be amazing

  8. Speechless… lost for words… perhaps the most incredible live show I have ever seen. Never felt so many emotions, so wildly enchanting, bravo Sigur Ros, that was truly something special

  9. Very sweet and Toesy, ankley, feelings those songs. Like the feeling of wearing a sock for 28 minutes or more and then taking it off slowly and perhaps seductively. The sock would be black and navy with a little yellow lightning bolt on any area you would prefer.
    When Kveikur came on, a little fire started disturbingly close to me. Whether for warmth or fervency, I don’t know.
    You know now that I liked the music. You must like it too.
    Nice, nice. Sounds good.

  10. Having unfortunately missed Sigur Ros at Splendour 2016, I was palpably teeming to be part of the crowd at the Amphitheatre. For lack of better words (‘speechless’ at its prime), the band was hauntingly beautiful, infinitely more awe-inspiring to watch than to listen to, something I didn’t think possible. The long-term quintet is as confident and comfortable on stage as you would expect amidst a 23-year-long career, perhaps more so; it may be something to see a musician produce a series of unusual, alluring sounds on a computer, but watching them take shape from a stage full of traditional instruments is truly something else. Coupled with a stunning lighting set and an audience totally still, it initially appeared as if each member was completely and utterly absorbed in his own instrument. Though alternatively, the trio are clearly entwined by an unseeable force, a force that lifts drummer Agust’s head to keep in time with the bassist, a force that sees each member comfortably shift around the stage without a word, a force that drove the drummer’s foot into the kit at the end of the set as vocalist Jonsi kicked various paraphernalia off the stage in a frenzy, a force that prompted bassist Georg to throw his guitar to the ground in perfect sync. There may not have been any verbal communication between band and audience, but I can assure you, the emotional connection was stronger than words could have been.

  11. I had never really heard any of the music that you guys make until this night. I knew nothing else about you except that your were from Iceland. I had planned on just staying for 10 minutes to see what you were all about before I headed off to Stormzy (who I had been pumped to see since the Splendour line-up had come out)… in the end, I forgot about Stormzy and I stayed the extra hour and twenty minutes until the very last notes had been played in absolute and utter awe.

    Can I just say, as someone who had never heard of any of your music before, I have never been to a more intense, a more moving, or a more spectacular live show than this one. My lack of familiarity with the music only further enhanced my shock at the spectacle that I witnessed. I sat down with a bunch of other random strangers at the end of the show, open-mouthed and eyes wide, contemplating the gravity of the show we had just seen and heard.

    I can say quite safely that the show you put on was the best live show I have ever been priveliged to see. Thank you for coming to Australia, for coming to Splendour in the Grass, and for introducing to me my new favourite band: Sigur Ros.

  12. Second time seeing Sigur Ros and it was just as magical as the first time. As soon as the first piano keys of Saeglopur rang out, a tear in the fabric of space time opened up and we were transported to another dimension for roughly 90 minutes. Truly one of the greatest live bands of all time and I feel priveleged to be alive and part of such an experience. Thank you.

  13. Takk Sigur Ros. You guys are definitely one of the greatest live bands of my generation that I’ve witnessed live. The visuals were mesmerising and the atmosphere was emotionally intense and haunting. It was a very cathartic experience. I think everyone needs to see Sigur Ros play once in their life.

    It was an excellent show although I was more blown away by the 2016 Splendour show in the Mix-Up tent. It could have been that I was awfully tired or it felt too familiar but still always a pleasure to watch you play live. I’m really glad that the organisers of Splendours gave you an 80 minute set as it was really needed. An hour long set would have been too short. 2 hour show would have been the best :D

    Dauðalagið and E-Bow were my standouts in the setlist. Popplagið was disappointing and I hope Jonsi is ok :( he seemed really upset and was shouting things at the crowd. It was disappointing to see a smaller crowd but it made me appreciate the show more knowing how much that small group absolutely adored even minute there.

    The setlist was too similar to the 2016 tour. I understand it is more difficult to play a variety of songs now that Kjartan Sveinsson has left but surely you could have played Olsen Olsen, Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása or Svefn-g-englar with a backing track. I can understand if you guys aren’t interested in playing with backing track as well.

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