sigur rós 2017 tour

spark arena
auckland, new zealand

jul 21 2017



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  1. Would have loved to have been there, due to flooding in Dunedin my fight was canceled. Very sad we could not be there, but looks like us Dunedininghts are going to be in for a rough few days.

  2. Best show of my life – like going to heaven and back. Those drums on untitled 8 are beyond belief

  3. Amazing show. Impressive light effects. (I certainly have hoped for Ara Batur though.)

  4. Mind blowing. You guys were amazing !! Thank you for coming to our wee country xx

  5. Mindblowing. Saw Sigur Ros 14 years ago and amazing to hear so many great songs that have been added over that time. Was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I danced, I listened intently, I cried. Takk x

  6. Absolutely phenomenal! It was easily the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life – Jonsi’s vocals were perfect as were all the instruments. The lighting fit the music so well and really added to the whole experience. 10/10 – TAKK SIGÚR RÓS

  7. Hi guys

    Your show this evening was beyond amazing, the energy was cranked right up
    And I honestly felt like I had gone on an spiritual journey. Thank you I hope to see your guys show again soon.

  8. Wonderful!! I’ve never managed to be in the right country to see you until now – I’ve waited almost half my life! (I’m 37). You did not disappoint. If I ever have the opportunity to see you play again I will jump at the chance. Takk fyrir!!

  9. Such a fantastic show. Aural and visual perfection. A perfect choice for the set list. Each song complemented the one prior. It left me speechless and in awe.

  10. Intense, beautiful. Thank you for playing an old legendary song (daudlagid). Jonsi, i hope you are able to hit those high notes again, gotta be tough playing night after night. Love you guys

  11. To describe this experience, I’d have to talk about la Sagrada Família or a Van Goh exhibition.
    Music for me is either sexual or intellectual, but this… this is something else, something entirely ‘other’.
    If Muse is pure sex and Radiohead an intelligent rebellion, Sigur Ros is just art.
    If you could put a piece of music into a museum, Sigur Ros would be in Louvre.
    These musicians are without a doubt alien, absolutely positively not human and I mean it in the best way possible.

  12. Waited 16 years to see you live for the first time and it was worth the wait! Not only was the sound incredible but that lighting set up is something else! The time went by so quickly, I could have happily stayed for more sets, you guys are on fire.

  13. TAKK!! Your show was amazing. Best show I’ve seen so far, truly appreciate and praise all that went on, thank you so much.

  14. I’ve never been to Iceland but in a weird way, the experiential nature of Sigur Ros somehow the first half made me feel like I was transported there in the wilderness under a clear, crisp night sky in awe of the stars. The 2nd half transitioned me through to rugged coastline, flowing rivers, dramatic harsh landscapes and skies lit up by Þór’s hammer. Just a truly remarkable gig where I didn’t have to know any of the words but simply feel and experience the glory that is Sigur Ros.

  15. I paid to see a post rock band, i fucking got what i paid for. if you pay money to see a post rock band, then you will not be disappointed! I really felt alive when Sigur Ros played, it was inspiring and provocative, the visual effects are second to none. My only wish that they engaged the crowd, but i guess they don’t speak english! Well we can connect through music with the band Jakob maybe!

  16. Awesome, Full energy. It was really good! Hopefully to see next time. Take me tour with you guys!

  17. Awesome, Full energy. It was really good! Hopefully to see next time. Take me tour with you guys! Thanks for the auckland!

  18. Sigur Ros gave me a music orgasim last night. I knew they would be good but never imagined I would have my mind blown. Takk you, Sigur Ros, takk you very much. I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

  19. A band that inspires formation as I want to form a band and go on the road with, or just like them. You can be ridiculed harshly for liking what creatIve art allot. Definitely a frustrated Muso. Time…be gone for a second. I like all kinds of music but this is a perhaps beutiful simplicity. I came out diabetic with a cold in young 40s who’s had schism of health issues 2 years. Not mental. I have struggled to reconnect with old familiar initiators which the 2 years took by severing networks. I went back to college to try connect but you feel like a kid again while being capable. done some talks but it’s been impossible without the doing. I.m all about; I know capable of holding down realness. You know being a caring citizen and being yourself and helping heal through art. always been a initiater and instigator for fun. Peacefullness and Excitement. Thats it Sigur Ros are exciting and as a fan I want to see them again. Sigur Ros who were so good at being them then again held my attention that renews that reinvigoation. I am not sorry. That is me. I doff my hat off to freaks of early split enz.and Roy colbert of of FNun fame. It was great to see a noisy representation in second half perhaps referring to nzs BoganIsh roots and art and filling up the space with care. Thankyou for caring. The void needs fiilling not with things but bridging a gulf like iceland shelves that kerp pulling and then bursting out if the ground again naturally. Showing they really do know what they are about. Interesting to see fans from Scots dunners..Sorry rain got better if ya.. hit up aus for some sun mayybe; and overseas as I saw nz in the performance. Let’s bring this to fruition. got the mountaons and lakes and let’s bridge that gap whilst also experiencing through calm invigorating. That thats just difference. exciting travel. Thata what Sigur Ros ia too. Music that makes you want to go but its as goos as. Sorry rain got better of ya. Hit aus for some sun mayybe.

  20. Mind-blowing, earth-shattering to all particles, on all planes…☄

    Thank you for coming to Aotearoa and please come back!!!

  21. What a truly amazing and beautiful gig. Waited years to see you guys, it was worth the wait! It was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for coming down here, sorry about Auckland’s cold damp weather. You do the cold so much better in Iceland :)

  22. I Love the Sigur Ros Music and the voice was exactly as I always listen it in Cds, a huge surprise, No Whispering, just so Amazing and Perfect, that make you wonder if it was real or a recording… ,but, about the set up of the scenery, with all the lights effects and etc ( don’t like to give negative points) but… wasn’t anything new, it remind me to Pink Floyd’s shows, which is quiet old. Not saying that wasn’t great, but very similar to others popular and comercial shows. (technological effects and cd) Anyway I went more for the music, incredible… And, I should say that in the floor, we were like hipnotized in a trip or so pasives like in a receptive or dead world, adding the darkness for some moments and the gothic and Deep voice, with statics expressions from the artists, which increase the old style of the show and deppressive. Come on, they are the stars for that night and it was so quiet, and tired, not a scream, not a jump, nothing that makes you feel that you are in a “alive show”, only one or two beasts expressions from the singer that was brillant, but the other was like expecting everything from the technological effects and listen a cd, and nothing more.

  23. Exquisite. I also love the art pack too, so very grateful to have seen your collective genius firsthand. Thank you XXX

  24. Phenomenal, breathtaking, emotive and visceral. After over 10 years waiting for Sigur Ros to return to NZ I was not disappointed, and left in awe. Thank you for showing us what can be achieved between sound and light with an amazing stage show – please don’t leave it as long again!

  25. Holy Crap, that was fantastic!
    We were lucky enough to fly up from Dunedin before the bad weather hit.
    Worth every cent.
    that exploding sphere thing was cool.
    Orri looked a bit worse for wear at the end, given everything he had :)

  26. Couldn’t understand anything that was spoken. But the other Part of me felt like I did. The emotion was breath taking, tear jerking and just beyond moving. The visuals were incredible and jaw dropping. I stand by the statement that it was the best concert I have ever witnesses, and whatever shows are coming up are going to be hard to top it.

  27. Mind blowingly good. Every peak was phenomenal, Poplagio was out of this world and made me wish the night could have gone forever. Best concert of my life – never has music struck such an emotional cord in me and the entire concert played with my emotional being. A+++

  28. An astonishing performance. First half was atmospheric and absorbing but the second half blew it away. The visuals. The music. The atmosphere.
    Jonsi screaming at the audience in perfect pitch and the audience yelling back in ecstasy. The only shame was that the call for encores wasn’t honored with a hoppipola or something else …
    … attending this gig cost over $500 (tickets + hotel + flights from Wellington) it was worth every cent and I’d pay it again in a heartbeat.
    Please come back!

  29. Divine, breath-taking, unforgettable.
    Ps… Those drums… far out! I could feel the music in every cell of my body.

  30. Best concert I have ever been to and music has been such a huge huge joy to my 49 years of life. From the first song I felt my heart pound like it was going to burst through my chest. I cried albeit quietly several times in joy at it’s beauty, passion, communication to my soul, exhilaration and sheer musicianship. Top 3 life experience. Thank you so much for coming Sigur Ros.

  31. I had waited many years to see Sight Ros perform in concert. I have seen many acts on a stage. Nothing before even remotely like Icelands Sight Ros… A monumental performance of epic proportions. Beautiful,ethreal and very emotional to watch live. The sound was stunning. So was the light show. You were in the light show. Sigur Ros and it’s music merged with it. Thank you for coming to our country again. One of the best gigs I have ever seen. Untitled. Mind blowing live. Thank you.

  32. The memory of this show remains strong over a year on. I will be visiting the rugged landscapes of Iceland for the first time in a month and will continue to think back to this night. Seeing Sigur Rós live was truly a transcendental experience and one I hope to relive again in future. Takk.

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