sigur rós 2017 tour

valley rock festival
jisan, south korea

july 29 2017



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  1. All my emotions exploded on the last track, Untitled 8. Never seen anything so beautiful. Thank you so much for the mesmerizing experience.

  2. Never seen anything so full of emotion and energy. Thank you for the mesmerizing experience.

  3. Takk fyrir komuna! I think I had loved your music more than my ex. We’d been together for over decade and recently we split up. I am happy to know that you are still there and come to play. Just appreticate that. It was the most comforting moment for me as it was supposed to be. Your music, your voice delivered into my ears and then soul. I felt a shiver as ever. I have thought it would be happy if I could be there whenever you play in this planet.
    I felt the last bits of Festival passed in a flash more than you’d played in any other concerts. Some time I’d like to enjoy a live as the studio version:) Me personally Untitled 8 was the best this time, along with one song which seemed to be a new song. (I am debating with myself. I will be searching for it ;))
    I am wondering if you will play ‘Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa’ or ‘Heima’ in October European Tour or NORÐUR OG NIÐUR. I am really hoping to listen to them all live. hehe Anyway see ya there.
    Takk fyrir ‘Við spilum endalaust’ som noensinne!

  4. I’m studying composition. I’ve always loved your music, but it was like the revolution in my entire music life, watching your performance in Korea. I got inspired by you, and became admiring you. Sometime in the future, I want to be a musician like you guys who can make wonderful music and communicate with the music without words. Thank you so much for your tremendous performance.

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