sigur rós 2017 tour

mann center for performing arts
philadelphia, pa, united states

jun 16 2017



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23 reviews

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  1. Loved the visual display, set list, and overall performance! My only complaint was that some of the higher notes and reverb were deafening – the type of noise that makes your teeth hurt. Otherwise, great, but the sound made it impossible for my partner to enjoy the show. I loved it!

  2. Great set list. Cool light show. Only wish they would’ve interacted with the audience a little. You can tell they put their heart into each and every song. The opposite of a lazy performance. Truly amazing

  3. This was by far one of the best shows I have ever been to. The lighting/visual effects are beyond comparison and the music was perfect. I will definitely return if they come back to Philly! Thank you Sigur Ros!!

  4. Takk Sigur Rós! Thank you for coming to Philadelphia. What fantastic performance. I’ve been listening to your music for years, but seeing you and listening to your music live is a whole different experience. Voice, instrumentation, energy – all impressive. The light show and set design was terrific, too. What else can I say? I love your music! Come back to Philadelphia! Thank you again and again!

  5. Amazing show; i saw you at nos primavera in 2016, and could not wait to see you again in philly. I missed the October show here, so I was really happy you returned! Thank you! ❤️

  6. Great music. Awesome people. Perfect venue. Sigur Rós never fails to provide an amazing and immersive experience. Thank you for yet another incredible concert.

  7. This was my second time seeing Sigur Ros and I was so happy to share the moment with my wife this time. We both loved everything about the show and felt joyed to see such beautiful music on display.

  8. Loved the show, different being outside to see the show. Hearing the music while seeing a firefly buzz around above you was cool as well. Great show and look forward to seeing you again!

  9. The show was incredible!! The sound, the set design, the song selection, the energy, all of it .. Such a phenomenal show. Thank you!! Love you guys!!

  10. Wonderful, beautiful show. My first time seeing Sigur Ròs was a special one. Thank you for coming to Philadelphia!

  11. I literally feel like all of Sigur Ros’ songs are either so uplifting and beautiful that you feel like you could die happy in that moment, or so gut-wrenchingly brutal and raw that you might also just die. Either way, you’re dying at the end, to be resurrected at the beginning of the next song.

    They continue to put on ridiculously amazing, existential-level shows. Thank you!

  12. This was my first live concert ever, and it was seeing my favorite band ever. I am so glad to have had this opportunity!! I’ve been listening to Sigur Rós for the last seven years and they have continuously provided me with lullabies and beautiful emotional music. I sobbed the entire time because of the beauty they are able to produce — amazing performance, amazing music!! I hope the future allows me to see many more of their performances. What a life changing experience…

  13. Yesterday was amazing! And also super special for us. We were celebrating our honeymoon and your songs are like the soundtrack of our relationship. The plan was spending this moment in Iceland, but some plot twists got us (lol). You rock! Thanks. – you’re there :)

  14. 2nd time watching and listening to you perform and the 2nd time my mind was blown away. your music is haunting and lovely and i forget where i am. how free you must feel to express yourself in such a raw and powerful way as you do. on my bucket list: to see you live in Iceland.

  15. Best show I have seen! The Mann center was great; seats were better than expected. We were much closer the the stage than the seating chart appeared, And the actual show by sigur Ros was spectacular, out of this world, amazing!!! It was the first time I had seen them. It’s my boyfriends favorite band so I got the tickets when I saw they were coming only a few hours away as a birthday present. So happy I did!!! Set list was great, stage was cool, lights and stands were cool as hell! 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  16. We came from Ukraine to see the show and it was worth it. Came with the six month baby and she behaved well, slept almost all the time. Thank you very much. Really liked sound quality and visual show, simple but wow!!

  17. Sigur Ros is my favorite band to see live and last night they proved once again why: the energy, the amazing sound and light, the awesome energy they bring to every performance. The set list was great. They are THE band to see before you die. Amazing. Takk.

  18. I have seen Sigur Ros at the Academy of Music last fall and at the Mann last night-
    both wonderful venues! Amazing show with great visuals, and the new songs were good too. My only complaint is a couple of the soundcheck guys were standing for the entire show and partly obstructing the view. Surely they could do their work just as effectively from a seated position?

  19. Music is a very personal thing and each us differ in our experiences. I bought front row seats for my 17 year old niece and myself.I watched her experience her first Sigar Ros concert. She was like a deer in headlights! She is hooked on their sound. The wooden construction and acoustics inside the Mann center made each sound resonate. We were in the front row and could feel the floor vibrate with each sound tingling throughout our spines. And with each drum beat we could feel our hearts methodically pounding inside our chests! It was brilliant, the lights and colors with their intense sound brought an emotional and almost spiritual kind of peace to the audience.
    I watched a man sitting next to us shake from Parkinson’s before the concert but as soon as the music began his body at peace, and no more shakes. And Jonsi inviting his fans down, shaking hands smiling. The band was genuinely the more personable and interactive than I have ever seen them before. I can only say one thing and that is that I wish there was a second night booked so I could do it all over agin! Thank you

  20. It was a dream come true!! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate all of the energy you guys put into making the performance incredible and magical. I was transported to another world through your music. Takk fyrir!!!

  21. Best show ever. So happy to have heard the old favorites. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  22. Me and my girlfriend are SR from long time ago and we’re following their concerts around the world as much as possible ’cause this tour has been completely amazing. I’ve bought the tickets as a surprise for her in Phily and it was wonderful, both quiet and powerful moments moving all inside on our bodies. We’re maybe the only Mexican people there and we were headbanging some songs, so 3 American guys joined us to rock together and we became friends. The morning after on our way to NY, we made new friends on the bus whom were at the show too.

    And all of this is because of the touching music of Sigur Rós, takk!!!!

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