sigur rós 2016 tour

neon lights festival
singapore, singapore

nov 27 2016



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  1. Sigur Ros was amazing last night! It was transcendental! Jonsi was phenomenal! The crowd was in awe of his voice. Everyone was hypnotized when he sang.

    We didn’t understand the words/lyrics, true, but your music was beyond language! Music really ia universal and Sigur Ros touched something deeper than understanding, which is our soul.

    Thank you so much for the show we will never forget! ❤️

  2. If there’s a sound in heaven, it will sound like that

    And I heard them last night. Please come back again soon!

  3. I caught you guys for the first time four years ago at Fort Canning Park. This is the third time and it’s as magical as always. Thank you for the great night. From the start of Ovedur to the last holding note of Poplagid, it felt like reality left me behind. Seeing you guys live always feels like a dream. Takk Fyrir!

  4. Thanks for an awesome show! The effects, the visuals, the lights, the sounds, the insane vocals, everything – made up a really awesome show. It’s as if I were transported to a different world with this great experience! Unlike any other band

  5. Sigur Rós is the reason why I attended Neonlights. You guys are awesome!! I teared during Vaka. Thank you so much for coming to Singapore. Please come again!

  6. My wife and I flew in from India to Singapore only to watch sigur ros and we are spellbound. This concert was an experience that will stay with us for our lifetime

  7. It was my first time listening to you guys and live. I was… Mesmerised, thoroughly. It felt like the sounds penetrated right through me. Thank you Sigur Ros.

  8. Sigur Ros was amazing! I’m a late follower of the band only found out about them in 2013 and only after I missed their concert in Singapore then. But their performance @ neon lights were breathtaking… after ovedur I literally had tears in my eyes. jonsi was pure magic. His voice was angelic and the intensity of the music was pure masterclass. Never have I left a concert only to wish that it would never end. Come back again to Sg Sigur Ros. And we will meet again God willing.

  9. such amazing performance. still can’t believe
    i finally able to see them live. one of my bucketlist have been completed. still counting days hopefully someday going to iceland!

  10. They need the Amiina girls/Okkr Ensemble. Not really their best show as a three piece, but still a fan though. Still going to the next one!

  11. I ditched my graduation day and flew all the way from East Malaysia to Singapore just to see this show. The moment I heard Óveður I knew I have made the right choice, heck, even the best choice I have ever made in my life. Thank you for the wonderful performance, Sigur Rós. If I ever have to choose again, I would choose to see you over and over again. Much love x

  12. This is my second time watching you played live (first time was in 2012, also at fort canning singapore)

    Both times, i was totally blown away by your music – your concerts are so musical and never fail to lift my spirits . You are the best and I hope you will come back to Singapore again. I have attended so many concerts and yours is certainly one of the best. I love your music – please keep it coming!

    with love and best wishes
    Yvonne Kwok

  13. being able to catch sigur ros for the first time was a dream come true, so much emotions felt! thank you so an amazing show, visual wise and audio wise :)

  14. I have been to many shows, this was the best I’ve seen. Travelled from Australia to see them. I was almost crying as the show was just about to start, couldn’t believe I was at Sigur Ros concert. I am going to LA in April to see them at 5 concerts. 3 of them are at Walt Disney concert hall. Can’t wait.

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