sigur rós 2016 tour

clockenflap festival
hong kong, hong kong

nov 25 2016



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  1. This is the second time I go to your live this year since Fuji Rock. Still great beyond words. Maybe we’ll meet again in Taipei!! Thank you :)

  2. I’ve been a fan for so long and seeing you live was amazing! Wish it could have been longer, but I enjoyed every moment of it :) Can’t wait for the next concert.

  3. It is a great great show, all the time! And welcome back to Hong Kong again! Love you guys & your music so much.

    P.S. Can we have Hopippola next time? :D

  4. After “Primavera Sound Barcelona”, I watched your show again this year. The great performance like always!

  5. Breathtaking performance! The exceptional use of the guitar and the long-lasting high pitch just blowed my mind!

  6. Quite possibly the most spiritual experience I have had at a festival. I cried and danced and thuroughly enjoyed the ENTIRE set. I cannot express the emotions I felt in words. I listened to Sigur Rõs in high school and based my final dance presentation on Valtari and was critired so hard. I felt transcendent watching this

  7. Takk fyrir tónlist. So happy that I could see you twice a week. Best week ever! Actually the concert in Seoul was all the cry. You do not mean only music but something that makes me feel alive and think I should live longer and more stronger. Well..the stage video is sooo great! Please sell it I love to get it. The most impressive one was Glosoli. Not jumpimg and flying. It was the opposite. Amazing! That’s an experience! When I listened to Festival as 3 members play at first, I lost the starting bits for the climax. I felt kind of empty space of strings. BUT it was good differently. In Hongkong concert I found out it gives quite different touching feeling for me. I love it sooo much!
    I am just telling you thanks. Thanks as always. Whenever you play live on this planet I will be struggling to be able to get there as much as I can. Now I will be back to Seoul and keep my life with your music. Takk!

  8. If you were unfortunate to be at the edge of the audience. Lots of people are talking and you can hear the FWD stage. Was able to squeeze in the middle because some people are leaving (probably non-fans, sad) to enjoy the show. Second time to see them performing live, our first time we can only listen to the music there are too many tall people around us. Great show nontheless. Wish Hoppipola was part of the show especially with a new version out.

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