sigur rós 2016 tour

thomas wolfe auditorium
asheville, nc, united states

oct 10 2016



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  1. Amazing. I have been to other Sigur Ros concerts and have always loved them but tonight was so intimate. I felt like they were playing for me and my friends in our living room. Just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us!

  2. Thank you so much for a beautiful night that took me back over the past 10 years of my life. This was our first time seeing you all live and we were left speechless. Ekki Mukk is a personal favorite and I was moved to tears when you played it. The crowd was equally refreshing and respectful. This is an experience I won’t soon forget. Until next time, takk.

  3. Fell in love with you 10 years ago and tonight I love you more! Thank you for beautiful music that touches my soul. I’ll remember tonight’s show forever. You guys are amazing.

  4. Words can’t begin to describe the experience of the Asheville show. I got hooked onto Jonsi’s music only this year and it grabbed every musical taste I have been looking for.

  5. My heart’s reverberating with blessed inward-expansion. Sigor Ros experience, you all touch every bit of my being so wholly and peacefully. Thank you so much.

  6. Kveikur was a special moment for me. Thanks for another stunning performance and have fun in Asia!

  7. Ethereal. Moved to tears more than once. Thank you, gentlemen; so grateful to share space and time. My life would not be as beautiful without you as a part of it. Takk.

  8. Takk. Tonight, I took my sons (15 & 17) to their first concert. I wanted you to be their first experience to set the bar as high as possible. You made that happen. They heard many songs that they knew and loved the new material. The crowd was great, the venue intimate, and your performance everything. You left it all on the stage. Your overwhelming gratitude permeated the auditorium. We felt overwhelming gratitude in return.

  9. It was a very intense unique experience. I was pleased, and very happy with the bands performance. I hope they return to Asheville in the future! As they are my favourite band.
    Thank you! I love my journal.

  10. I’ve been listening to Sigur Rós since 7th grade (10 years now) and have been waiting for this night. Ethereal is the only word that begins to describe the concert. Also met Jónsi on the sidewalk today and was reminded why I respect this band so much – their humility in simply creating Beauty. Thank you.

  11. Just hung out with the boys of Sigur Rós. I had a vision today that I would have a conversation with Jonsi and shake his hand. Interesting to see it come to fruition. Hey Sigur Rós do you need an electric violinist?

  12. It was the show for fans. To hear Dauðalagið and some from Ágætis byrjun, was important and special. I hope you realize how much we loved you. (Photo: Jónsi posed as a god. Unpictured is shirtless Orri in heavy metal form)

  13. Such an amazing, awe inspiring, sonic and visual spectacle… Sigur Ros – unlike anyone else. Wow they fill me with wonder.

  14. Last night was my seventh Sigur Rós show, but it felt like a lot of firsts — new music, new reinventions on old songs, and the first time seeing the band as a trio without an accompanying orchestra. It was also my first sitting show, which can actually give a different listening experience. My first Sigur Rós show was in 2012, and in the last four years (just a snippet of their career) I have enjoyed seeing them evolve — just from Valtari to Kveikur — and cannot wait to see what they decide to do next. Sigur Rós is my favorite band, and they probably always will be.

  15. I discovered your music when I was in high school. I bought Heima on DVD and immediately fell in love with not only your music, but Iceland too. I bought tickets to this show in April, not knowing the hardships of a health scare followed by a car accident I’d go through in the weeks leading up to the show. Not only did I finally get to see one of my favorite bands live for the first time, but I experienced something that took me away from the fear and sadness of this difficult time. Your passion and love for what you do truly shows. The set list was perfect, and the ambiance you created on stage was mesmerizing and thrilling. Thank you for sharing. Keep filling this world with beauty.

  16. I brought some family members who had never been to a concert and they loved it! Ekki Mukk was a big hit—it was gorgeous. You could tell there was a lot of creativity and care that went into the production and stage design for every song. Thanks to everyone on the Sigur Ros team for putting on such an amazing show!

  17. The Asheville performance last night struck me to my very core. I saw my life flash before my eyes as they played the various songs from my past. I also felt like they took us on a journey to Iceland. Thank you for giving me the best show of 2016!

  18. I’ve been listening to Sigur Ros for about 13 years and yesterday in Asheville, VA was my first time having the pleasure of seeing them live. I felt completely immersed. Everything was perfect. The music alone would have been enough to satisfy me but coupled with the amazing visuals and lights, I was in complete awe. With every song they played; I smile, I cried, I recanted memories in my mind of all the times I listened to those very songs in the past (aside from the new ones they played) I remembered the happy & sad times that I could listen to their music and everything would just be okay. The only thing I wish I could do is to just express how much of an impact they’ve made in my life. It’s a fantastic thing, what they do. I’m so happy. Thank you.

  19. I had an amazing time at the concert – Sigur Ros’ music is pure magic for me. I can’t tell you how many stories, scripts, and papers I’ve written whilst listening to their music. I left the concert feeling inspired as always. Thank you for sharing your music, guys!

  20. Thank you Sigur Ros for hooking me and my friends up with this unbelievable show last night. #sigurros The light show and the sound was unlike any other. To think its all done without any actual words ever spoke or sang. #fanforlife

  21. It’s been a week since the show and I’ve still got goosebumps. I have never seen or heard such an amazing show! Takk! I will never forget this night.

  22. can’t even words how good the concert was. i want that much big of heart in my music. i felt it in my intangible other, it changed the weather in my soul, the whether in my mind, the whither in my heart.
    this music grows hearts, makes people beautifuller, festoons time with ardor.
    i need that.

  23. Magnificent from start to finish, with moments so achingly beautiful that tears welled up in my eyes and others so thrilling I found myself laughing out loud. Thank you, Sigur Ros, for an amazing evening.

  24. I visited to The Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC, from Japan. I saw amazing show! They, Sigur Ros, are awesome! They used all their energy for their performance. Can you see Jonsi held his head and his guitar on the floor? I listened to and felt it. I sang and danced with the music. Thank you!

  25. I visited to The Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC, from Japan. I saw amazing show! They, Sigur Ros, are awesome! They used all their energy for their performance. Can you see Jonsi almost fell down on the floor. l listened to and felt it. I sang and danced with the music. Thank you!

  26. I visited from Japan. I felt their energy. I had never seen as same as near at this time. They are amazing. I want to see Sigur Ros in Iceland too!

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