sigur rós 2016 tour

massey hall
toronto, on, canada

oct 03 2016



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  1. Takk! This was my 5th time seeing Sigur Ros at Massey Hall. I was lucky enough to be there before in 2001/2002/2005 and 2006. This show was probably my most enjoyable one since the 2002 show on the “( )” tour. Utterly incredible stuff tonight.? Daudalagid, Saeglopur, Ny Batteri and Popplagid are my 4 favorite Sigur Ros tracks and ones I’ve enjoyed many times live before and I was overjoyed to hear them all live again with your best ever lighting and visual presentation. I thought this tour setup with just the Orri, George and Jonsi was great and splitting the show into two sets worked perfectly. Wonderful inspiring gorgeous show as Sigur Ros have been doing so many times for many years now. I got really lucky and scored the setlist that was by Jonsi and will treasure it as a reminder of tonight. Thank you guys, really are one of the best live bands on the planet. I felt that in 2001 at your first Massey Hall show when I was 18 and it still stands true today! Takk!

  2. This concert felt like a rebirth. Back to the DNA of Sigur Ros. It was magic, it was beautiful, it was inspiring.

  3. This night was a long time coming. So much was hoped for that a letdown felt possible. Then band & venue reminded me why I’ve gone to a 1000+ shows in my life. Haunting, beautiful, put down your fucking phone! Next time in Iceland. Thank you so much. Come back for Luminato!

  4. as they were taking their bows at the end, they knocked over Jonsi’s mic by accident. Caught a pic. Literal mic drop!

    Such an awesome concert. My fifth (sixth if you count Jonsi’s solo run).

  5. The moment that an artist whose voice you used to only hear in your headphones is now playing right in front of you is beyond magical. Takk. This was otherworldly.

  6. Actually Jonsi knocked it over during the last song, along with a bunch of other equipment! Still pretty great though.

  7. Third time seeing you guys in concert, and you’ve always blown it out of the water. Thanks for putting all your heart into it. I would have loved to have been jumping around, please book a venue with standing room next time!

  8. for a couple of hours everyone inside Massey Hall was transported to a different place, an amazing world, everyone became a part of a wall of sound and light that you could only sit back, let it happen, all stress was forgotten and the escape that is known as Sigur Ros took over, thank you

  9. You guys are AMAZING. I remember seeing you guys here at Echo Beach and Air Canada Centre a few years ago. But I think Massey Hall was the best for the band. The music sounds more impactful. And the visuals. It was really really memorizing. Thank you for coming again. Hope to see you guys for the fourth time. :) (I shot a few pictures for Blare Magazine! See more photos on that site soon!)

  10. This show was my first Sigur Ros show and it was truly inspiring to me as an artist and graphic designer. From the way the visuals and music worked together but also stood separate in their own forms. From the viewers perspective you could see that the band gave every song their all, and the crowd gave them the same with cheering like every song was going to be the last one. Takk Sigur Ros for such a beautiful show.

  11. Toronto was the closest venue close to Montreal never missed you in my hometown since you were not planning to make the stop this time I went to you, Well… it turned out to be a totally magical evening beatifull concert and the most wonderfull of set lists Takk to the band and merci beaucoup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! du fond du coeur

  12. The show was wonderful, as Sigur Ros shows invariably are, but I can’t say the three-man show was as enthralling as previous shows have been with the larger band. Kjarri’s absence was definitely felt, especially in the conspicuous missing guitar in Untitled 8. I also missed the string arrangements in songs like Staralfur and Fljotavik. But I still enjoyed the show immensely. Very grateful to have heard Ekki Mukk live, and the new song that opened the show was awesome.

  13. 2 concert tickets: $270

    Full tank of gas to get to Massey Hall from my home in Buffalo, NY: $42

    Seeing Sigur Ros for the first time in concert: PRICELESS

    Thanks guys for an unforgettable evening and a lifetime of great memories. Hope to see you again :)

  14. Was only there to shoot the first 3 songs but was in awe of their performance. I felt so ethereal and cathartic. It was beautiful.

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