sigur rós 2016 tour

kingsbury hall
salt lake city, ut, united states

sep 26 2016



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  1. Pure magic. I’ve been waiting years to finally experience Sigur Rós live- what an amazing performance. I am truly grateful that you perform for us meer mortals of Earth. Takk.

  2. This was my seventh time seeing Sigur Ros and it very well could be the best. Which is saying something as they’re always amazing. The light show was absolutely mesmerizing, I seriously felt like I was in another world throughout the show. What a way to forget the world for a little while.

  3. One more pic. I was loving all the () songs. It brought me right back to seeing them for the first time in Park City way back in the day.

  4. Seriously the best show ever. The light show was beautiful, and made for an awesome experience. The music was breathtaking, although I expected nothing less. Thanks so much for coming to Salt Lake.

  5. This was my second time seeing them and it was the better if the two. Saltair was great, but being able to sit down and have a more intimate setting was amazing. The lights were insane and it was all topped off with meeting Jónsi out riding his bike around before the show.

  6. Thank you so much for a beautiful show. Your selection of songs was a perfect mix of beauty and intensity. The lighting was also extremely well done.

  7. This was undoubtedly the best concert I’ve ever been to! I am still in awe about it! Please Sigur Rós come back soon to Utah we love you! This was a dream come true for me!

  8. SR…thank you for allowing every aspect of the human condition to be authentically present in your performances, even those that might be uncomfortable or painful. Your music has soul-infused, magical healing properties, and last night was no exception (only sad we didn’t get to hear Georg’s jokes). ;)

  9. This night with Sigur Ros was more than wonderful. It truly was a dream come true.
    I wish you would’ve kept playing all night! Takk

  10. Takk. I cried happy tears throughout. The performance was powerful and mesmerizing. Thank you so much for coming through our neck of the woods. Love you all. ❤️

  11. Þessir tónleikar voru stórkostlegir. Þakka ykkur fyrir að koma hingað og vona að þið munið koma tilbaka.

  12. This was my first time seeing Sigur Rós, and it was by far the best live music performance I’ve experienced. Everything about it was beyond compare.

  13. I have never been at a loss of words before but this left me speachles. I can’t thank you enough for coming and showing your amazing ability. Sound was 10 out of 10. Visual was 10 out of 10. Overall it was a 20 out of 10! I seriously had to sit there for a while cause i was sobbing woth so much emotion. Seriously though great work and thank you sooooo much

  14. This show was magical! I’ve been waiting years to see Sigur Rós live, it was an absolute dream come true! Thank you for sharing your passion & energy with us for an unforgettable night!

  15. Pure magic. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Sigurd Ros sets the bar for a live performance.

  16. This was the second time I’ve seen you in concert. You are a incredibly talented band and was blown away at both concerts. I tell people about your band all the time. Got you () on vinyl. Please come back more often. Love you guys!!
    Thanks for the experience,
    Stephanie Christensen

  17. I’ve been to hundreds of shows and around 5 Sigur Rós shows and never in my life have I been so emotionally connected and moved. This show was transformative and such a gift. Probably the best show I’ve ever seen. I was moved to tears, elated, felt the destruction power of a volcano and pure releases. Unreal. Thank you again! TAKK!!!

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