sigur rós 2016 tour

hollywood bowl
los angeles, ca, united states

sep 24 2016



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photos by darren webb. camera: sony a7 rii


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  1. Love love love the Hollywood Bowl. Great show guys! Takk!
    Here’s a nice shot from our nose bleed seats.

  2. Sadly the experience at the Bowl last night was pretty terrible. Loads of video issues and the sound was miserable. So quiet, you could hear a loud whisper from everyone near by. Using my phone as a dB meter, which obviously is not super accurate but I have seen it be fairly close to proper meters, was only reading 57-63 dB the whole night. We were in section L2, about half way up in the venue.

    It was bad enough Jonsi apologized after one of the songs, at least I think he did, I could barely hear him.

  3. My best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sigur Rós in concert last night! The visuals were beautiful and imaginative, and the whole performance was stunning. The new songs were a nice surprise! I was very glad that Sigur Rós played some old favorites, especially Dauðalagið. All in all, a superb concert! :)

  4. I loved the performance last-night, but there was an idiot yelling in the crowd to turn up the music…truly a magical moment ruined by a self centered douchebag. Maybe he needs a hearing aide and a course in being socially correct in a Hollywood Bowl setting… The sound engineer was right there at our level of seats, why could not he just go have a talk with them. Of course not, he just wanted attention because he was probably suffering from some kind of deficiency…mostly lacking brains!

  5. It had potential to be a great performance but the technical difficulties really did hurt the show. Heard rumors that sound system wasn’t up to par either. I enjoyed it.

  6. Silenced the entire Hollywood Bowl. Enough said. Absolutely captivating and truly unbelievable.

  7. I just gave my daughter my 40+ year old Apollo patches. You have no idea how great it would be to win one of these for her. She wants to be an astronaut and the first to scuba in alien water.
    She LOVES you all. so much.

  8. One of the greatest live shows ive ever experienced.
    The elaborate stage show and visuals were just incredible.
    Sigur Ros has been one of my favorite bands for years so it was definitely a mark off my bucket list…i was really bummed not to see “Kveikur” live though they played about 30 seconds of it and had some unexplained technical difficulties…Cant wait for the walt disney dates, ill be at all 3 shows no matter what. HIGHLY SUGGEST EVERYONE SEE’S SIGUR ROS ATLEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME.

  9. Saw the show last night. Fantastic. I was lucky enough to see the band few years ago in Santa Barbra as well. I go for the music, but am always amazed how well coordinated, and not superfluous the digital light show is. Wow. A must see.
    For me, I was first introduced to the band 14 years ago, by a NASA Ames scientist, David Wolpert. One of the best gifts ever.

  10. My sister and I loved the show,we really enjoyed it.They performed splendidly beautiful!!…Absolutely breathtaking!

  11. Thank you for coming to Los Angeles! The show was simply beautiful -the lights, colors, and textures stirred my soul. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few months! :)

  12. Sigur ros as always an amazing show. You played your heart out and the visuals were amazing. I just want to say that despite not being able to stand for you guys, I enjoyed the show.

  13. I agree. I’m sorry to say because I wanted to love that show much more than I actually did. I am surprised to read all the positive feedback from the bowl show. Maybe my expectations were too high because of all the “best shows of my life” they have continuously delivered in the past. Whatever the case, even despite the fantastic track list for the evening (untitled album fans will be very pleased), and despite the flaws (both audio and visual), this concert was still lacking in a few ways. For one, I really miss the keys! 3 people just isn’t enough for some of these songs. I could go on, but I’ll conclude here by saying they are still my favorite band even if their performance was lacking.

  14. some classical, some jazz, some radiohead.some opeth,some metallica,some air supply, some jamiroquai,some neil young,some nirvana,some weezer,some charlatans,some ramones,some audioslave, some anthony and the johnsons,some london soul, some Kings of Convenience,some Bjork ,some of everything,,,,, but not till i heard Sigur Ros …theses guys music is is between the physical atoms……cant even understand the lyrics …but it is something..

  15. What a fantastic way to spend my L.A. Vacation..I flew out here from the east coast just for this show..I laughed..I was unbelievably enchanting and powerful..takk see you in Brooklyn oct th

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