sigur rós 2016 tour

queen elizabeth theatre
vancouver, bc, canada

sep 18 2016



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photos by patrick gateley


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  1. Thank you for such an incredible night!! 2 hours of pure joy from your music – a night I’ll never forget

  2. That was incredible. Seeing this show changed my life. I’m am endlessly inspired and in awe of their outstanding musicianship and composition. Overall summary of the evening: Jonsi sang. I wept.

    Takk xoxo

  3. Unsurprisingly blown away yet *again*. I can’t wait to experience it all again on Monday. Takk fyrir tónlist!

  4. This concert was amazing. It was visually stunning and musically beautiful. When I heard the first notes of Glosoli (my favourite song), I almost started crying. I’ve waited years to see Sigur Ros live and they did not disappoint. The waiting was completely worth it and I would wait twenty more years if it meant that I could experience something so visceral once more in my life. Thank you from Row 16!! Takk!!

  5. This concert moved my sou more deeply than I thought music couldl. I am changed forever. Thank you so, so much Sigur Rós.

  6. Tonight was like witnessing nature. They were utterly breathtaking, moved me to tears and left me shaking my head and placing it in my hands. They are the sound and vision of actual landscapes and weather and space and mathematics. Spellbinding. If you need to beg, borrow or steal a ticket to this show, do. I posted some photos and a video at

    (Note I had my phone on deep black and held close to my chest for these very quick shots and video so they may be misframed, but I didn’t want to disturb anyone. Because gods know that we shouldn’t be holding bright phones up ;)

    Thank you SR. Takk!

  7. First of all Takk for the show. This was my 3rd time seeing the band live in Vancouver(Chan Centre and Deer Lake Park). I understand that it was your first show of the tour and mistakes happen. The bass guitar totally died in one of my favourite songs. Jonsi’s pitch wasn’t always there like the other shows and I think the intermission was a bit too much. All that said it was a good show and I don’t want to ruin the experience for others if they have never seen a live show of yours or really took cherished this one. I hope the rest of the tour goes well and hope to see this great band again.

  8. Sigh. The bass guitar dying could happen at any point, not necessarily the first show of the tour. I thought the intermission was a lovely touch, exiting the stage to Smaskifa reminds me a lot of their 2003 shows and it’s such a nice song to finish one part of the show on . Jonsi may have been a bit off but I didn’t really notice and they have been touring for a few months now.

    Last night was my 8th time seeing them since 2000 and it was by far the best. The light show was incredible, the band were incredibly tight, the setlist was a great mix of old and very new. Anyone who sees this show is in for a real treat.

  9. This show was very different to the Edinburgh one but still mind blowing. Gave me goosebumps and tears all in a good way. The intermission didn’t really work for me, it meant the performance lost some momentum.

  10. Hey guys, I apologise in advance for talking about myself in this post but I just had to express my thoughts on last night’s experience and I am not exactly a “writer” :/ Bear with me, and please share your thoughts and emotions if you can – the human connection feeds us all :)

    This is my 8th time seeing the transcendental experience we call a Sigur Ros show. Coachella and Deer Lake outdoors were unique (major tech issues in Coachella), and every time I see them in a theatre they demonstrate such command of the emotional energy in the room and a clarity of sound completely unsurpassed in “modern music”.

    The setlist was perfect and I never once thought “I hope they play _____”

    I also appreciated their use of compression without losing too much of their dynamic range – did anyone else notice the show was LOUD but didn’t leave their ears ringing afterwards? it’s because they have INCREDIBLE live mixing. I am also continuously amazed at their use of visuals – the shows 6 years or so ago where they used a transparent sheet in front of the stage and lighting from both sides was incredibly well done and original. A year after seeing them do that, I watched Trent Reznor use the exact same thing. Whether or not he ripped them off directly doesn’t really matter to me because it was an amazing effect for both of them, but I am constantly amazed at Sigur Ros’ ability to grow and create new visual atmospheres. Every visual I have seen them employ is something that adds SO MUCH to the overall experience without ever taking away from the focus – their incredible music.

    Before the show I was reading about their new 3-person format and I was excited for myself to see something different but slightly worried on behalf of my friend I was bringing to see them for the first time. At the end of the blurb they had a quote from the band saying to “trust them” that it would be a great experience and I had to laugh. It was like they wrote that just for me in that moment :) haha

    I have a personal rule of waiting at least a year before I declare a concert “the best I’ve ever seen” but if you asked me right now I would say it definitely was.

    When they play, I can’t blink, I can barely breathe and every time their mini-sets fade to silence I realize I have just been somewhere far far from here.

    We love you Sigur Ros – may you always have the strength and will to continue leading us to these uncharted and breathtaking soundscapes

  11. Amazing soundscapes and visuals. With closed eyes even more breathtaking. I would consider myself a seasoned and experienced concert goer after seeing 20-30 shows a year since I can remember now. This was my first sigur ros experience live. Truly riveting and extraordinary. A must to experience. Life changing to say the least.
    RIP Jens Jacobsen-I will forever hold you dear in my heart and memories.

  12. This is the first time that I see you live in a concert since I started to hear you ten years ago. I went without expecting something because I didn’t want to be disappointed.

    I am not. I’m very happy to see and hear you. All of the concert was amazing, I don’t know what else to say. Just thank you.
    You’re awesome.

  13. I feel like I have joined a secret club, one of which the experience of seeing Sigur Rós live is just known and felt and not talked about. There is no way to describe the sights, sounds and feelings of my first show last night. It just is, and those that have experienced it, just know. Perhaps we need to come up with a secret hand shake or something. Takk for making me feel more alive than before.

  14. Takk! This was an amazing experience. Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in all my life, and I’ve seen a LOT. Not to be missed. I saw you from the front row which was captivating. Seeing your facial expressions as you performed was very emotional. I was lucky to receive the setlist and a broken drumstick (proof of the passion with which you all play). My only regret was not seeing you the next night so I could see the incredible light show from a further distance!

  15. Thank you for an amazing performance. I brought along my wife and she now has a new appreciation for your music.

    It was also an honor to hear the first public performance of “Á”… it was a beautiful piece to start the show. I look forward to hearing it again.

  16. One of the best concerts of my life. You took my breath away from the moment you came on stage. Takk Sigur Ros <3

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