sigur rós 2016 tour

rock en seine
paris, france

aug 27 2016



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  1. Takk fyrir !! This is my first concert with you !
    Unforgettable, Wonderful, A Great experience !!
    See you soon

  2. We’re leaving Paris to visit Iceland tomorrow .. It was like the first day of our journey.
    Thank you so much, what an incredible moment we had yesterday !

  3. Thank You. .. Takk to you Orri Georg and Jonsi for yesterday show. .. My favorites were the open opening song (overđur ? ) Ny Batteri, Festival Saeglopur. ..well… the whole show ! Just a small remark the sound was really too loud especially at the beginning. .. And this was too short !
    It was a great pleasure to see your smiles and emotion when you came back for the last goodbye. Thank You.

  4. Thank you so, so much ! It was incredible, magical. I was moved to tears. I cannot find the words … And I came back home with the best gift ever, Jónsi’s bow ! It means so much to me. I have waited so long to see you and now I can’t wait to see you again. I will never forget this night. Takk !

  5. Your show was wonderful and you’re merveillous !!! Please, come back in France as soon as possible. Takk !!!

  6. that was awesome ! magic was all around. this shorter band delivered even more and i truly adored the concert, even if it was too short! you guys are amazing and i really hope you’ll come back to France soon!

  7. Thank you so much ! It was my first show with you. I was left open-mouthed..!!
    You’re so magical !

  8. Hi, yesterday show was awwesome !!! You guys are really good performers live. Your work on the visuals and lights is absolutely amazing … And of course Jonsi’s voice is incredible <3 Maybe just the bass was too loud for me. Nervertheless, that was the best concert I ever lived :-)
    Have a nice day <3<3 XXX

  9. (from France) Rock en seine 27/08/16…..
    What a band ! What a drummer ! What a guitarist singer ! What a bass player ! What visuals ! What the sound ! It was not a concert but a ceremony ! Thank you Takk merci !!!!!!!

  10. First time i see you, that was amazing. The light show, screens and sound was perfect.
    Thank you i hope i see you soon in France .

  11. Un concert qui a commencé comme une éruption volcanique , éructive et tonitruante (infra basse au 4 ième rang , ca bouge les entrailles) et après UN PUR SON “ROCK ARTIC” qui hypnotise comme les aurores boréales Islandaises . C’était ENORME.

  12. I was in the front row. I felt like my eyeballs and my teeth were about to explode. That was the most exhausting, awesome and unforgettable live that I ever seen. Thank you all.

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