sigur rós 2016 tour

pstereo festival
trondheim, norway

aug 18 2016



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  1. I never thought I would be so lucky, – EVER – to get to go to one of your shows. This was the most beautiful and powerful moment of my life! Every year Pstereo asks people what band they would love to see at Marinen, and the last 4 years I have been saying Sigur Rós, and I couldn’t belive my eyes when they announced you this year! Now I can die happy! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful concert at pstereo last night! Surely I am shocked by the audience and its lack of respeckt for all the artists at this festival, by talking etc. But thank you, you guys took us on a journey I am not likely to forget very soon. I hope to see your name as headliner on norwegian festivals again!

  3. Saddened with the fact that you were not going to perform in Oslo, I crossed half the country to see you (again). This time, beeing in the front row, I was able to also see you perform this godlke magical show – without the jungle of people’s heads and phone screens. I wished Hoppípolla was in your playlist but the playlist was well balanced with new and old classics.

    P.S. As someone previously mentioned, we as an audience need to not only respect the performer but also each other. Concerts are not the place for conversations. There were one particularly tipsy couple who could not stop talking and even went as far as commenting on every song. LOUDLY. Louder than Jónsi to some extent. Anyhow, takk Sigur Rós, for this unforgettable Thursday evening!

  4. After waiting for 3 years after missing the show in 2013, i finally got to see this amazing band live (first row!!). The performance was so intense all the way through and at times i would catch myself standing there with my mouth open, just completely amazed. I cannot wait to see them again!! Next time i’ll try to catch the bow as well haha :) <3

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