sigur rós 2016 tour

open’er festival
gdynia, poland

jul 1 2016



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  1. Your show was the most beautiful experience in my life. Thank you so much for this

  2. one of the best concert in my life…
    so important as my first one during your first visit in poland ten years ago…remember that night till today…

    this one it was like time travel… so emotional…
    pure magic…
    can’t wait for next one :-)

    takk sigur rós :-)

  3. Takk fyrir! Pure magic :) I’m in love with your visual effects. “Kveikur” was truly epic. Hope to see you someday at more intimate concert as well.

  4. Thank you for such a beautiful performance. So touching, so precise… it was an experience that I’m still not able to put into words. Takk :)

  5. Takk fyrir for the show, Sigur Rós!
    It’s been a pleasure to be a part of that event, your music is truly magical! Keep on rockin’, I hope to see you again very soon! Lots of love <3

  6. It was not just a gig, it was a story, an epic one. Cosmogony/passion, big bang, cracking and moving continents, birth of the planets, end of the world… Takk fyrir, it was the ultimate experience, filled with magic of music and nature!

  7. Takk fyrir ! Your concert was something I will always remember! It was so touching and absolutely beatiful ! I’m speechless …The best experience in my life ….I hope to see you again :)

  8. Your concert was one of the most beautiful momens in my whole life! Thank you and hope to see you soon again!

  9. It was amazing and beautiful show. Pleasure and honour to listen to You. I´ve been waiting for this concert since I’ve started listen to Sigur Rós (about 3 years). Dreams come true. You’re the best band in the world and Your music is very important part of my live. Takk Fyrir og ég vona að sjáumst aftur
    P.S. I wish Kjartan Sveinsson would come back :)

  10. This was my second SR show after the Zenith in Paris.
    The performance was incredibly powerful and moving.
    The adjustments you have made in order to perform the songs in a trio setting, are very fruitful and provided a new perspective on well known and beloved material.
    I’m eager to see what is expected with the next album.
    All the best to you guys and thank you for being who you are.

    I know, very easy be so pompus in writing something about Your music, but guys – during this concert in Gdynia, the town of sea and trees, the line behind material and spirit world, feelings and brain, Earth and Universe was blurred.
    No words to describe this…

  12. Breathtaking… I left a part of my soul during your performance..thank you SR!

  13. My dream came true! It was spectacular, magical, I cried, your music is a bond between me and the love of my life. I bought your first CD 10 years ago and it was the first time I heard your music live. Thank you so much!

  14. There’s no words that could describe how and what I felt during your gig. You moved me into another dimension and I’m still thunderstruck after this incredible experience. I know I’m gonna remember this touching concert till the last day of my life. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and with my whole soul.

  15. It was unbelievable experience. You didn’t let me down, as always. Even fulfilled my expectations. Stage, lights, all those magical and mysterious effects! Beautiful, majestic, breathtaking. Pure pleasure. I was on the first row, I cried and flew away! Time stops for a moment, world gets quiet, no one exists, except your music and my soul. Thank you very much.

  16. The best concert in my life, you’re the one!! I can’t wait for the next your visit here in Poland:D We love you!!!!!

  17. Incredible. I fell in love with your music for the first time after the show. Music and all the special effects took me to different place and different time. I’m speechless, honestly. I wanted to take a picture of you during the concert but i felt like it would be some kind of disrespectful for your art. Thank you for being there.

  18. I’ve always dreamt of your concert in Iceland! Half of my dream came true and it was amazing! Thank you, it felt like Heima. <3

  19. Most beautiful music experience of my life!
    You are unique! One of a kind! The greatest one!

    Love You!!! ?

  20. Takk! It was the most amazing concert I ever seen! I have no words to describe my feelings, my heart was beating so fast I thought I was dying. Please come back soon!

  21. Takk Sigur Ros! I was mesmerized by You standing just under the stage. It was the first time I saw You guys play and I think the best review is that the tears were pouring from my eyes all over the concert. I can’t wait for a new record and I definitely will go to see you next time, so please, come to Poland, we love You!

  22. Takk Sigur Rós! It was the best music experience of my life. Just pure magic.

  23. Thank you guys. The best gig in my entire life. Included the biggest bands in the world.

  24. It was the most emotional concert in my life, I didnt even realize that music can unleash such strong feelings, you guys are just the best!

  25. Two days ago at Open’er Festival was the first (certainly not the last) time I have seen you live. You made me wander through the darkest void, visit each and every corner of my soul, look down over the edge of a bottomless abyss fraught with shimmering stars. Plus, the visual effects were stunning! I’m still greatly impressed and (positively) destroyed by this concert. I imagine that during solo concerts – not on festivals – on tours you are even more ‘Northish’. I cannot wait to see and hear that! Thank you!

  26. I want to add to my previous comment, because it cannot be edited, that I did not mean you-you being more emotional and connected during solo concerts; it is about the experience caused by some festival people around and sounds coming from other stages. I fell in love with your music – it destroys but also creates anew – and I look forward to hearing you again!

  27. I was in the front row. The show was magical. You gave me so many emotions. I love You, Sigur Ros!

  28. I spent almost the whole show lying on the grass, mainly watching the stars, sometimes looking at the screen. The show was so beautiful and magical. I’m literally out of words to describe what I felt there, thank you so much!

  29. This waving Polish flag under the stage was from me. I was there only for you, dreams comes true! Takk Sigur Ros!

  30. I still can not belive that I saw your show. Beautiful and magical experience. Everything was perfect, from music and visual effects to the special atmosphere. Such an emotional concert, I pray that I can see you soon in Poland again.

  31. I was waiting to see your show over 10 years…and I cried since the very second you played. Thank you for emotions, moments, your talent, sensitivity, musical intuition, something that was in your head and transformed into Sigur Ros. I’m glad I’m alive. Thank you.

  32. Your performance was the most spiritual experience that happened in my entire life.

  33. It was truly magical. I’ve seen Sigur Ros in Krakow in 2012 and couldn’t wait to see them again. Totally blown away by the performance at opener! Thank you so much. It was just very moving. Takk
    Really hoping to see you in Reykjavik one day!

  34. I’ve seen you live for the third time and it was still incredible for me, and I’m speechless for the third time. love this emotions, love your concerts, love your music.
    come back to Poland as soon as possible. TAKK!!! <3

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