sigur rós 2013 tour

roundhouse (itunes festival)
london, united kingdom



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photos courtesy of iTunes Festival 2013


screenshots taken from live stream



1. yfirborð
2. brennisteinn
3. hrafntinna
4. ísjaki
5. kveikur
6. festival
7. hoppípolla
8. með blóðnasir
9. svefn-g-englar
10. glósóli
11. untitled 1 (vaka)
12. sæglópur
13. untitled 6 (e-bow)
14: varúð
15: untitled 8 (popplagið)


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  1. Takk guys. Amazing show, great sound, loved the first part of the gig where you performed the new album, the classics sound awesome too. All the best

  2. One of the best performances i’ve ever seen in my entire life.
    Please, i really hope you come to Chile this year :’)

  3. Thanks so much for this precious gift, an amazing night,here with all of us, the sound of universe. Looking forward to have you back to Italy, we’ll see you in London next November. Once again, thank you.

  4. I’ve seen them twice in person, it was way cool to see them “close up”. Incredible as always!

  5. I think that tecnology is giving us a new chance for know about music. It´s my first time watching an on-line concert, and its a very good expererience. Sigur Rós it´s one of the most original bands in the world, your sound its unique.
    I would like to see you live (really live) some day.
    Takk from Chile, South America :)

  6. Excellent concert gentlemen. Fantastic sounds as always, went to your concert in Boston and loved every minute of it didn’t want it to end. Can’t wait to see you again! Keep up the excellent music!

  7. pretty great. never done an itunes festival before but the video quality was fantastic, the sound was great and the show itself was amazing. I’m just bummed that i missed the first 5 songs, all the stuff from the new album. I got tickets to see sigur ros live in october and now i’m more stoked than ever.

  8. The soundscapes Sigur Rós create are breathtaking. Jónsi’s voice is achingly beautiful. Varúð followed by Untitled #8 (Popplagið) was perfection. Beautifully emotional. Thank you

  9. iTunes Festival app worked perfectly on my iphone. I’m completely blissed-out by your amazing performance. Thank you so much, Sigur Ros!

  10. I watched online, and having seen the band twice I must say I wish I could have been there for real again! However, this stream was the next best thing. The sound was great, and everyone on stage seemed to have a lot of energy which made for another amazing show. Although all the songs sounded great, I think Brennistein and Kveikur stood out as some of the most powerful performances.
    Takk fyrir!

  11. Flottir af netinu, bestu kvedjur.
    ps Orri takk fyrir Boston giggið og eftirpartyid
    eg er isjaki

  12. Amazing. In front of my pc, all my tears for you guys. One month ago I was in front of your stage, same emotions, same feelings. Really thanks, thanks a lot cause your music free my pain.

  13. Sensacional,completinho sem problemas algum na transmissão :D ,problema mesmo, seria acabar o lencinho para enxugar tanta choradeira <3 Lindo lindo !!

  14. the pulse of the music reverberates in ones heart so that i remember that i am connected to the source of sound… sigur ros is simply LOVE…

  15. One of the best gigs I have ever been to!! Thank you so much. Managed to pick up tickets this morning and have just got home after going to see you at the roundhouse. Didnt know what to really expect but, I will certainly be buying your albums and looking out for seeing you again.

  16. I just love you guys, you’re magical like no other band in the entire world. I really hope to see you in my country soon or later, I can wait for you, just come to CHILE someday.

    Thanks for makes me love all your music, the nature feeling, the beautiful thing of being alone, specially for all the little things you have done for all of us, the people who was waiting for something real, deep, and simple at the same time.

    You’re the home that I finally found, so thanks again <3

  17. Fantastic concert. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you. See you guys in november. Cheers from Brazil!

  18. Amazing gig……modern classical music is my description of your beautiful soundscapes. First time i’ve cried at a gig……cathartic.

  19. Douchebags – show the video of your show for those that weren’t able to see it live, idiots!!

  20. I’ve now seen you guys once live, and twice through internet streaming, this being the second time. The streaming experience isn’t the same as seeing you live, but it’s much closer than just listening to your albums. I also LOVED this set list in particular. Fantastic as always, takk!

  21. The sound was perfection – warm and immediate with every nuance present, every color audible. The camera work was sophisticated, interactive and captivating. The set list hit all the right emotional connections. The musicians merged to make music that was spellbinding – a living breathing organism at the nexus of the cosmos. Your attention to detail coupled with your obvious love for the music and your audience never ceases to amaze me! See you in Atlanta!

  22. i’ve seen sigur rós five times in the last year, and their showmanship never falters. excellent sound and setlist. best part? i can watch it again later. great job guys, og takk fyrir!

  23. I have waited ever so long to see and hear Sigor Ros in concert since I first heard you long ago on Mys?ace.

    Thank you so much! Still hope to see you live… I’m glad that I’m finally saw you this way.

    More Sigor Ros!

    Cheers! Your music made a lot of people happy yesterday and tonight!

  24. It was a really amazing show as usual!
    It’s no problem to gett up early in the morning at 4:30 in order to watch your gig, yeah this is Japan.

    You guys are so generous to stream the live twice for free.
    It’s so lucky that everyone around the world can see the most magnificent live show in rock scean today so easily.

    And the lightings of the live at jodrell bank was really great.

    please make the DVD of this tour, I’m gonna buy it for sure.

    TAKK FYRIR from Japan!!!

  25. It was amazing, I really enjoyed the show. everytime is like a dream :) thank you!!
    greetings from italy

  26. Takk for the best free ticket a human could wish for. It was a joy to see you play at the Roundhouse, a much smaller venue than I thought it would be. Thanks to the ticketing I managed to get very close to the stage as there was only a small amount of “proper” fans there although I think there must have been many more by the end of the night. The quickest 1hr 45mins ever!! I could have stayed another hour.

    Hurry up November with Nottingham and Wembley.

  27. Great show!
    Watched it remotely.
    Since the video came live I’ve watched it nonstop.
    Really looking forward to see the show in Mexico in a month.
    Fantastic job, guys.

  28. Looked completely insane live! Still can’t believe I won tickets to see my favourite band, and couldn’t go! I loved the mix of older and newer songs and I desperately need to get tickets for Nottingham. I also really loved the lighting!

  29. just perfect as usual !!! the new songs are really wonderful and I can’t wait to see you in Luxembourg. One question is it the tracklist for the whole tour ? Because it would be so amazing if you are willing to play Staralfur !!!

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