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wolverhampton, united kingdom



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  1. Oh my lord that was stunning. What an incredable show. Most loved performance at the Civic since the Beasties in the mid 90’s.

  2. i thought it would be a good night but i was not prepared for what i witnessed, i’ve tried to explain to people but words fail me. the best concert i have ever seen (and i’ve seen quite a few)
    utterly blown away

  3. wow, sigur ros never fail to disapoint their fans, you can genuinly tell they love playing, so much effort goes into these shows and last night was no exception. due to travel i had to leave slightly early, but i managed to see Varud being performed and lets just say there was a few tears. beautiful music, brilliant fans (its amazing looking back from the front and seeing this sea of faces mezmerized by the music) LUSH!

  4. Took my 12 year old son, he stood at the front hugging the barrier. He was totally mesmerized and in total awe. As an aspiring musician, I hope the experience will inpire him. Thank you Sigur Ros.

  5. Nightmare !!! …..I’d seen sigur ros on the Takk tour and knew how fantastic they were.. my son had been influenced by my love of sigur and had become borderline obsessive as to witnessing them himself..I tried to get to take him to the isle of white to see them last year as the only uk date but due to unforseen circumstance we couldnt go.So you can imagine how much we both looked forward to seeing them in wolverhampton..Anyway we got there early and waited for 2 hours near the front.excellent position..And finally they were on,, behind a giant curtain that had visual images projected on it.The sound was fantastic..the audience were very respectful, no pushing or shoving, a magical and very friendly atmosphere..Then about 10 mins into the set a middle aged man waring a red hooded puffer jacket, that was either very drunk or very high on something came pushing through the crowd,waving his arms in the air,and as he barged through he managed to elbow my son in his face(unbeknown to me at the time)and broke his specs..My son was so upset that i took him into the toilets as he was clearly freaked out and was holding back the tears..Sadly we left as he wanted to go home…i understand the gig was amazing and hope the man in the Red jacket was evicted as i could see we wernt the only victims of his selfish behavior… if i can save up enough ill be taking my son to the eden project gig in the summer to make up for it… To the man in the red hooded jacket… you are an arshole and should be ashamed of yourself..

  6. The gig was truly incredible! The wonders of the optics used, the spectacular use of all the light bulbs on stands, the wonderful array of instruments…but most importantly the emotionally powered music.
    A varied set of new and old, vocal and instrumental music gave us all personal moments of chilling spines, a tear welling up and a smile brought about.
    I cannot fault Sigur Ros at all and am still buzzing from the gig.

  7. A totally wonderful evening. This gig was awe-inspiring, mesmerizing, magestical and incredible. I know that this gig will always stand out as one the best for a long time to come. It was visually amazing; both the projections and the simplicity of the light bulbs on stage. A great line-up of songs and great energy. Sigur ros have not let me down and I shall be getting tickets as soon as they next play in the UK. What a perfect night.

  8. I bought tickets as a birthday present for my partner and to be honest, had heard virtually nothing by Sigur Ros. I was completely unprepared for this sensory experience that hits your heart, ears, eyes, mind, body and soul on every level. At points in the evening was crying with utter emotion at what I was hearing. Even now, writing this, I’m recalling everything with tears in my eyes. Absolutely stunning and I now understand why my Dave said ‘You’re going to love this’ with a look of someone ‘who knows’. There isn’t a beautiful enough word ever uttered that can express how good this was and it will live with me always. I’m a fan. Out and out. Please make the track listing available if possible. x

  9. Jonsi is a true genius and the whole band were fantastic. The stage set was outstanding and the sound perfect. We both walked out of the venue stunned by what we had witnessed. Just Brilliant !

  10. FAO Darren scattergood
    So sorry to hear that you and your son had you’re gig ruined by such an idiot.
    Really hope you get the Eden project sorted for you and your son and you can enjoy the whole sigur ros gig experience!

  11. What an amazing night, we had waited 4 1/2 years to see them play again after first seeing them play at Lattitude in 2008, I didn’t really know them then and didn’t really appreciate what I seeing and hearing that night but afterwards after buying their albums and listening over and over again I fell in love with their music..
    Last night was mind blowing, the stage, the lighting, the sound, all amazing and fautless, we smiled, we tapped our feet, we cried and tonight we are still talking about it and listening to them. I hope we don’t have to wait another 4 1/2 years to hear them play again, it was pure magic :o)

  12. Mar 5 UK, Wolverhampton, The Civic Hall

    01 Yfirborð
    02 Í Gær
    03 Ný Batterí
    04 Vaka
    05 Olsen Olsen
    06 Brennisteinn
    07 Glósóli
    08 E-bow
    09 Varúð
    10 Hoppípolla
    11 Með Blóðnasir
    12 Sæglópur
    13 Kveikur

    14 Svefn-g-englar
    15 Popplagið

  13. Beatiful Sounds, visually a treat for the eyes and the Full band on stage. Great Show :-)

    Saw Sigur Ros a few years back in Wolves and they’ve returned even better than before. Cheers.

  14. Wow we had a great time got tickets for my partner Alexis who has seen u guys 5 times. We will defo be at ur next upcoming gig. Your music gets me through tough times, when I am stressed or down I put on your songs and all melts away thank you :)

  15. This gig was fantastic and amazing, what a sound and what a show. My word i really cant explain to people how good it was and felt watching and hearing this band. I felt honured and very lucky to have witnessed what i seen. The whole experience was overwhelming for me and my partner who have been going through a tougth time recently. Watching this brought us closer together and made us realise how much we love one another. My daughter and her partner were there as well as two close friends who i play music with. It was really special.

  16. Superb, stunning, awesome show.

    Thank you for sharing the set list!

    Does anyone have a recording of the encore songs? It was an emotional experience, and one I’d like to be able to repeat if anyone has an upload?

  17. Louise check out the main site, go to interaction then click on message board, check in European tour set lists and recordings.
    I downloaded the Manchester gig and its fantastic quality

  18. Wow…thought they were going to be good but that was just something else. I thought the last song was going to blow the roof off.

    It was just all kinds of beautiful…still thinking about it 2 days later. I was standing right at the front, standing there in awe

  19. WOW – that was even better than Manchester the night before!!!
    I was right at the front in the middle (one row back) and Jonsi kept grinning, they all seemed to be really enjoying the show!
    I was lucky enough to see the band two days in a row, and to meet them!!!
    I have never felt such massive happiness from listening to anything before…
    it’s a lifetime of every emotion all at once… almost too much to handle!
    Those new songs sounded fantastic – WHEN CAN WE BUY THE NEW ALBUM?!!
    Guys you are awesome – please don’t ever stop what you’re doing!

  20. My partner bought the tickets for me as a Birthday present. I last saw them possibly around 2008. They didn’t disappoint then and they certainly didn’t disappoint the other night. It was absolutely fantastic. We managed to watch the whole show whilst stud at the barrier. The sound and atmosphere was amazing. I literally can not wait for the next time I see them.

  21. @darren scattergood

    I can confirm that the man in the red jacket was thrown out successfully! He barged his way to the front and was aggravating a fair amount of fans. Security came when started shouting at fans and generally being a disturbance.

    I’m so sorry that one man managed to completely ruin the experience for you, but don’t lose faith in Sigur Ros!

    The gig was absolutely unbelievable. The sound was so clear too, definitely the best of any live gig I’ve been to. You could look at any musician on stage and hear exactly what they were doing.

    This remains as possibly the best gig I’ve experienced!

  22. This gig was a big deal for me for two reasons, a; i love sigur ros and have been a fan for song long however this was my first time seeing them live, and b; this would be my first time out anywhere on my own for a night out since i came out as trans last year.

    I had the best night of my life! It was superb, seeing Sigur Ros was a mssive thrill and a sheer pleasure, and they sounded so beautiful at the Civic Hall, a spectacular show, incredible atmosphere as well, the audience clearly captivated by this performance, and Jonsi sang his little heart out all ight long, a stunning performance from everyone.

    Highlights was the new songs, specially
    Kveikur, wow, awesome, and Sæglópur, i had a bit of a moment during that, after the crescendo broke down into those strings and jonsi’s sweet vocals i just stood there in a ball of emotion welling up. Of course i knew the song, its from takk, but i never heard it like this before, it completely swept me off my toes, magical.

    I have been buzzing for ever since this gig, and its not 4 days later but its still giving me goosebumps just thinking about it.

    ??Sigur Ros?? thank you for that magical evening, one i and many others will never forget, so so special, Takk.


  23. i can safely say that this gig was one of the best gigs i’ve been to. i was anticipating a good night, but it was incredible. thank you so much sigur ros!

    p.s. the new songs are sounding fantastic. keep it up!

  24. Absolutely incredible, you exceeded my expectations and then some more. I have never heard some one sing so in tune, and beautifully. The new material was also brilliant, brenninstein in particular! My gran died 3 days before the show, so you cheered me up more than I can say and I’d like to thank you for being so utterly lovely. P.s Sæglópur nearly made me cry! x

  25. Simply put the best gig I’ve ever been to.

    It was a lot more intimate than the Isle of Wight show and infinitely better than anything else i’ve been to.

  26. I really didn’t enjoy it as much as i’d liked, the new songs were AMAZING but it’s mostly the same songs and set end peddled since the mid 2000s again and again. I loved the inclusion of I Gaer, it sounded incredible with those visuals. Not being a party pooper, just my opinion. Hope the rest of the tour goes great though :) glad so many are enjoying the best band in the world.

  27. This was the second time I’ve seen them at Wolves, and I thought that the first time couldn’t be bettered with the novelty of actually seeing them for the first time; but wow this time was so unbelievably good, totally mesmerising, and the sound quality was superb.
    Probably all round the best gig that I have been to, and I’ve been to a few.
    Certainly worth the 350 miles round trip. Congratulations and thank you.

  28. amazing! waited 12 years to see them live and finally got to do it! well worth the wait and is one of the more memorable bands i have seen. loved it. thank you so much x

  29. Saw sigur ros in London 2008, amazing nite, but my beloved favourite band of all time went one better and turned it up to 11!! A selection of their very best songs, plus some stunning New material, awesome visuals, great addition of musicians and immaculate interpretation of their music…..TAKK!!!

  30. Great show by one of the best live bands out there. I do agree with what Iain said though, please change your set list more. Please bring Ekki Múkk back to your set list. I saw it on a show that was posted on youtube. It brought me to tear just watching it on the laptop, I don’t know what affect it will have on me if I get the chance to see it live.

  31. Superb night can’t believe how good they was. I am now looking for tickets for Nottingham in November . They really was that good

  32. I’ve admired Sigur Ros for so long and couldn’t believe it when my wife bought me the tickets to see them before I went overseas with the military. The evening was amazing, the stage was lit with so many single bulbs that the shadows and backdrop brought the arena alive. The memories of the music, the atmosphere and feelings as the set went on will always stay with me. The audience was so diverse, from OAPs in their arran sweaters to the younger generation pushing forward to the front of the stage, which just goes to show how well Sigur Ros’s music is appreciated by all.

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