sigur rós 2013 tour

pala arrex
jesolo, italy



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  1. New visuals, new lights and new stage set: SIMPLY A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Brennisteinn kicked ass. See you @Ferrara and keep up the good work.

  2. thank you, Sìgur Rós, I just can’t describe how much better life goes on with your music. My life without you will be empty and grey.

    it’s the second time I see you live and it’s always an amazing experience! I was near to cry when you played Varuð.

    Again, thank you for everything. We love you.

  3. A perfect concert for pathos, emotions and intensity. I was captured by your music in a different level of consciousness.
    Great music, great lights, great atmosphere. Thank you very much.
    See you in Ferrara

  4. Amazing concert, thrilling visual and musical show, powerful sound…FANTASTIC..! Thank you so much for the performance, and for existing..! Hope to see you again soon!

  5. As for Verona, or even better, an experience beyond human perception. Overwhelming and amazing lights and sounds, and I just can wait for the new album to come out, the new songs were spectacular!
    I’ll see you again in Ferrara, takk!

  6. Great, mystical as ever, but the location was not right for you. Much better Ferrara, Villafranca.
    Fortunately, the scene did the trick!
    I love you.

  7. Great Show.
    Different from Villafranca.
    Great new songs.
    Always on top.
    Would be suitable a performance on a natural location…
    ……………..mountains, lakes and so on.
    Sigur Ros vs my Bloody valentine.

  8. i really appreciate the high percentage of “old” songs despite the new album
    not commercial-easy choice, but great for your music and fan

  9. My first Sigur Ros show! The Grateful Dead meets Nine Inch Nails meets Sonic Youth meets Shakti meets My Bloody Valentine.

    Never a dull moment, a rollercoaster of music and a journey through emotions.

    My wife is 8 months pregnant and our kid loved teh music anyway. Your music will be present in my wife’s labor and our kids first concert will be your concert in Ferrara.

    Thank you!

  10. I dropped a tear when the show began. Amazing ! So intense, so colourful and you were just incredible. See you in Ferrara !!!

  11. While I was sitting there watching and listening at you I think I was anywhere but not ‘there’. I’m not able to say if it is because of You, because of your special way to ‘PLAYN MUSIC’ , maybe your personal feelings written in music, or your special way to Be…but you have gone straight inside of Me. You are able to be so simply and ‘touch’ every soul you meet…I saw other people looks beside me: everyone was dreaming/thinking something wonderfull. You’re simply Special. You let people LOVE.
    I saw, I felt, I was dreaming, I was swearing…LOVE. Takk Sigur…simply to Be part of my/our world!!

  12. It was really an amazing performance, definitely impressive. You created a magical atmosphere, music and visuals really worked well together.
    I was totally involved and felt part of your wonderland.
    You guys did a great job, I’m already looking forward to seeing you again on stage!

  13. Layers of melodic tune, refined to the precious harmonies lingering in my mind.
    Faces lost in awe of worlds I’ll never know.
    Emotions pulsating through the densest of bone, where the only expression is through swaying and the flicker of lights.
    Those rhythms made me blue and persisted to squeeze my heart. They found me. They trapped me and released me when they played.
    They rolled down the mountains and over the craters, until finally I knew their world.

  14. I was so excited to see you and once again you proved your awesomeness. The new songs sound amazing. The new Sigur Rós is badass. Takk!

  15. Wow all these people have to convince them selves that your
    Music isnt shiity when in reality it fucking retarted! Like special olympics, jerratric, down syndrom retarted… fuck you assholes and your shitty music and you gay little iceland made up language. Are you fuck kidding me? Jerkoffs take a dump on a piano and now its music? Fuck you! And everything that you are. Fuck your families fuck your way of life i hope you get mowed down by gunfire.. vikings are fags!

  16. Tónlistin þín tilheyrir frábæra Galaxy. Takk að gefa okkur hana sem kraftaverk fyrir sálina. Takk yður, dásamlegt Alfar.

  17. Last night you’ve been great!!thank you for the emotion that you gave me!you gave me a sense of musical density never heard before in a live concert!!amazing!thanks!!

  18. Jim, if you don’t appreciate their music, what are you doing here? We are alive, you are much less…

  19. hey jim,

    two advices for free:

    a.) work on your language skills (you embarass yourself big times)

    b.) take a good long dump


  20. Thank you all ! It was a great show in Milan and really emotional. you made my day beautiful, unforgettable. takk and hugs from Italy. Francesco

  21. this is my sixth concert and everytime you take my breath and my mind away. Thank you guys, I’m a proud fan! The new lighting and visuals were ASTONISHING!

  22. What you are able to create through your music and what it makes me feel is something that I can’t find in any other place,anywhere. You are absolutely one of a kind, please keep doing what you do forever. This was my first time seeing you live, but I will be in both Lucca and Ferrara in July! Grazie mille…

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