sigur rós 2012 tour

iceland airwaves festival
reykjavík, iceland



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  1. the best way to end a festival in Iceland. the show was amazing, the new panoramic backgrounds incredible, i hope we’ll know who is behind it. i already attended the concerts of this tour, so i have nothing to add about the music, the setlist being the same, with one exception of course. the new staging plunges us into the climate i love in the sigur rós music… until… this new song… suddenly we quit the dream to a kind of dance floor, with laser lights and boum-boum… sorry, i didn’t like at all. this is not the Sigur Ros i like. maybe it’s the reason why Jónsi made this face when i asked him if they were going to play Von again (in crakow during the sign thing): i am afraid that all these Staralfur and other quiet songs are no longer considered :/ i hope they don’t go this way in the future. also, popplagid was shorter no? amazing background too, except this laser thing.

  2. wonderful concert , i came from rome to watch sigur ros concert in iceland , i love sigur ros but i dont like the new song … and what about kjartan ? fans needing news about the future of the group… this evening it was a great performance the best jonsi of all times … beautiful the performance of glosoli , varud and popplagid

  3. Thank you very very much for this concert…!
    I was coming from Belgium to see you, in your country, at Reykjavik… What a unique moment!
    And what the panoramic screen, the music, …
    I saw you many times, but it will be never enough.
    Your concerts, your music enjoy my life…
    ps: and see you at Brussels, Lille and London!

  4. Hi,
    Just thinking about the concert gets me goosebumps all over my body.

    Im a fan since the beginning, nevertheless it was the first time Ive seen you live.
    The beautiness of the sound brought tears in my eyes and I barely started crying.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Came from Berlin, just to hear this magic music live in your homeland. The quality of the sound was fantastic! Now I only want to hear Sigur Ros live. Great playlist with a mix of old & new. I felt the concert was short (75 mins) but of course, I didn’t want something so good to ever end.

  6. Þetta voru frábærir tónleikar, en vildi óska þess að það væri hægt að sitja, hlusta og horfa og njóta því þið eruþ frábær hljómsveit

  7. the show in august in Osaka,Japan brought me to iceland.
    4th Nov’s show was really amazing…
    i neary wept.

  8. I started this year catching you live at Summersonic, followed by Berlin Festival and it has been a lifelong dream of mine to catch you in your homeland of Iceland and to attend Airwaves festival

    My dream was fulfilled on Sunday night and it was a great treat to see the production set up of your new upcoming tours.

    You will be playing in my country for the first time in 2 weeks but I will probably not see the same production set up as Sunday and its ok because your music moves my soul.

    I cannot wait to go on my own mini tour in 2013 watching Sigur Ros live starting with Berlin and each Sigur Ros concert is like a brand new experience for me even though the set list may be the same.

  9. Came from Norway for the concert. Fantastic music, amazing stage, particularly the two Valtari videos where stunning. Looking forward to the next album. Next tour you should come to Norway and Bergen!

  10. I was attending at this show too.
    With my French friends, at the end, we were just asking “What is that crazy thing we attend ?” “What’s this new song ?”
    More than magic. Brennisteinn, as I heard and saw it on scene is promised to a big big big success. The world didn’t wait of Sigur Ros to play something like this. And, as I read on Rolling Stones website, you should follow this new road, more intense than ever.

    Someone has taken a video, posted it on youtube. And I can’t spend a day without listening to Brennisteinn. Because it takes sense with my trip in Iceland.

    All the show was marvellous. The boat flying upon us, the little folks sending lanterns in the sky. Saeglopur, my favorite’s song was really good to. I would gave an arm to see again that show, in Reykjavik.

    See you in Lisbon, on February 14th. With my brazilian girl, met in Harpa, listening both Ojba Rasta, on October 31th. Valentine’s day, you know…

  11. I have seen Sigur Ros (& Jonsi) in the US and I saw them at this show in Iceland last year. Incredible. It was the perfect way to end my visit to that incredible wonderful country.

  12. Among the top 3 concerts of my life!

    Wonderful scenography and spellbinding music <3

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