sigur rós 2012 tour

sacrum profanum festival
krakow, poland



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  1. Is jónsi still able to sing flugufrelsarinn? In other words, let kronos quartet play this wonderful music on the same stage than sigur rós without jónsi singing along is something that i can’t understand. It’d have changed this good concert in something really special and unique… Maybe tonight? :)

  2. It was the best concert in my life!! Popplagið was amazing! I want to see you again :)

    Love you sigur ros!

  3. One of the best gigs of my life. I expected a lot from this concert and what I got was a lot more than I expected! The emotion, the dynamics…

    Flugufrelsarinn played by Kronos Quartet was also a huge surprise.

  4. It was my third concert of Sigur Rós – and the best. The very best. The group is in perfect shape. I will go to Berlin in February – it’s obvious. Takk Jónsi, Orri and Goggi and the rest of the staff.

  5. and I missed it this time! Lucky you!

    I was watching northern light in Churchill few weeks ago, and was listening Sigur. Nothing can be more perfect …

    You are just unbelievable!

  6. the best gig I’ve seen in years! magical, breath taking, deeply moving, much more than I expected.
    Jonsi, we LOVE your guitar and its dirty screaming sound; Orri, we LOVE your dry drums, Georg, we LOVE your simple but sooo unique bass lines – you’re one of the kind, Kjartan, we LOVE every sound you produce with keyboards.
    Thank you for the amazing opening of the show and every song that followed.
    Takk! Dzi?ki!
    Come back soon!

  7. It was the most beautiful concert in my entire life. I was so shocked, it was breathtaking. And my tears during Popplagid…Thank you guys for these moments. For sure I’m going to see you in Berlin!
    Takk! Dzi?kuj?!

  8. Unforgettable! Please, don’t stop performing Vaka and E-Bow in february. They were breathtaking, ‘tearmaking’!!!

  9. Definitely one of the best performances I have ever seen in my life. Fabulous. Images, sounds and sensations that will last forever in my memory. Thank you !

  10. I’m from Brazil, a study in Portugal, and went to Krakow fulfill a dream: to see both concerts Sigur Rós! Thank you for existing! As I return to Brazil this December, I hope you there!

  11. Well.. I’ll add a drop of sour. Your technician deserve a reprimand for a sound. You could barely hear bass and brass section, not speaking about strings. Drums were hardly acceptable. But big plus that it wasn’t deafeningly loud ;)
    Visual part was nice – colorful lights, pleasant animations. I enjoyed that :)

    And the most important and personal thing for me – completely suprising and breathtaking meeting in the middle of the night in Alchemia pub. This was one of my luckiest moments ever ;)

    Thank you guys for visiting Poland!

  12. i’ve never been to a ‘real’ concert before. It was the most beautiful experience ever. The breathtaking perfomances of the songs I really love; Hoppipola, Olsen Olsen, Festival, Varúð… I won’t forget this night never… Jónsi’s voice is like a dagger which breaks my heart in a perfectly way…Orri’s drumming is unique and Georg is an amazing musician. I think it’s neccessary to say that the trumpets/strings were just stunning.By the way I’m 15 and I was there with my dad which is fan of Sigur Rós too. takk Sigur Rós for the best moment of our lives!!

  13. OMG it was the best gig ever! for me, THANK YOU SOO MUCH I’m so happy I was there it was AMAZING I love Jónsi and his voice, it’s just sooo beautiful, and live … I’m just out of words to describe this, it was breathtaking, really I hope to see You again someday please come back to Poland again! Thank You !

  14. it was absolutely gorgeous. sound came true. I wish to thank you to You and my girl who bring me there ! . Dzi?kuje !!!

  15. I like your music , it is beautiful ,I can`t describe this feeling when I`m listening and dreaming about world.
    Please come to Ukraine in Lviv.

  16. I’m a big fan of Sigur Ros and travelled from Ireland for this concert. The venue was fantastic, sound was excellent but for those of us in Sector 2 it was impossible to see the band – I was very disappointed that the big screens were only used to show the stage in the last few minutes. Please show me what’s happening on stage next time. Sorry….

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