sigur rós 2012 tour

leon stukelj square
maribor, slovenia



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  1. Thank you for the beautiful experience, for turning reality to fantasy for few hours. No words can describe that emotion and atmosphere… Takk!

  2. Guys,

    I cannot thank you enough for all the magic you set out yesterday, in Maribor. I’ve been waiting for years to see you perform and the whole experience was inexplicable. You have awoken in me, and I believe everybody else in the crowd, a range of so many strong, wonderful emotion. I think I’m still shivering. All the troubles now seem less important, for you showed us all the beauty and power of simplicity of life.

    Just… Thank you. :)

  3. My girlfriend (my love), was in hospital, and she couldn’t came with me…but because of You! she was..all the time..i have never-ever cried with apsolutly no control to stop words can describe what we all have felt yesterday…no words..

  4. Amazing concert! loved every moment of it. Would love to come and see you play in your home country of Iceland, or better yet move there… Love you Sigur Ros!

  5. thank you for all the love, joy and beauty your music brings into my life, and thank you for all the tears of happiness i cried yesterday listening to you in maribor. hvala, sigur ros.

  6. takk…it was truly one of the best concerts in my life. there is only one thing left now: i have to wait for another one.
    and the thunderstorm after the concert…<3

  7. I got to the venue a few hours before the concert started, but the wait was worth it, as I got to experience the show right at the fence, unfiltered, pure Sigur Rós.

    From the moment Jonsi’s bow touched the first string and well after the stage went silent I had constant goosebumps (which will probably last for a few months yet). I walked away in a trance and have little recollection of what happened afterwards.

    I can say without a shadow of doubt this was the best experience of my life so far, it was amazing, magical and all other adjectives that now simply fail to come to mind, because it’s still buzzing with the memory of the concert.

    Thank you Sigur Rós, thank you Jonsi, thank you Amiina, you made my life better.

  8. BEST SHOW EVER. Never again will i experience that many different emotions in two hours. Do what you are doing. You guys will always be my favourite band. Always.

  9. thank u ever so much; Jonsi, Goggi, Kjarri, Orri and other 7 good souls who where part of Sigur Ros experience last night in Maribor.. I’ve been listening to them for the past 10 years and finally now I can die happy for hearing them live.. takk

  10. Thank you for a wonderful performance. We are so very grateful that you decided to stop here – to see awesome bands we really admire we usually have to go abroad. So experiencing the magic you shower your audience with right here, at home was really awesome. What I personally liked most is your serious approach to performing – you sound spectacular – and the fact that no words were needed – you said so much without actually having to speak. As to the whole concert experience – I am not sure if there are words to describe it. Thank you again.

  11. I’m an astronaut…yesterday I have spent two hours out of Earth. Your music is how I imagine the sound of the Universe, magical as Iceland. Thank u for all the emotions you have bring!

  12. Thank you so much for yesterday’s magic. The words can’t even describe what kind of emotions your music created, the concert was just beautiful in every single way possible. I honestly hope to see you again. Much love from Croatia.

  13. Wow, wow, wow….a part of me is still in maribor and doesn’t want to leave :-)… I do not even want to try to describe what I heard, experienced and felt yesterday – one moment I just thought: this is how eternity sounds…thank you very much for this unforgettable gig yesterday! Hopefully you will come one day to zagreb!

  14. You’re music is so powerful and limitless. I can listen to you no matter what mood i find myself in. You deserve to be imortal! Yesterdays concert was goose bumps all over, pure perfection! It felt like i lost my virginity again, this time with extraterrestrial wild force! Out of these world – are you angels?

  15. It was an amazing musical night…precious moments of silence…über-noisy soundwalls…and everything in between…almost unearthly and magical musical experience. Hope you’ll be back soon.

  16. Last night at the square in Maribor..i could listen to you 2hours longer.It was amazing!! You put me/us in the whole different world for 2 hours. At the beginning my mouth were just open and staid that way for probably 30 min. Mind blowing,EPIC!! I read many reviews of your concerts and they were all true – dedication, pureness, love, hope, quality.. all those words come to my mind when i think of last night.
    Thank you for the magnificent moments!

  17. ….still floating in the air… <3 hope to see/hear/feel you soon….it was just…..amazing.

  18. Indescribable. Inescapable. Borderline impossible. But you did it. You compressed the universe inside the square, inside our heads, inside our soul. More than a day has passed and I’m still reeling from the shock. Thank you for this.

  19. Performances like yours are so emotionally overwhelming that after the show I felt as if I’ll never be the same again :) Thank you for this lovely experience!
    Visit us again.

  20. sigur ros = magic! thank you a thousand times, this beautiful concert will stay with me for infinity.

  21. ..last month I spent 2 weeks exploring was magical..your music added extra dimension to all that have become part of me..even though I had high expectations from your gig you were greater than that..Takk fyrir Sigur Ros..

  22. I came from Bosnia and Herzegovina to see you, enough said
    p.s. see you in a few years again, I hope

  23. you really give to music new dimension.
    I wish my life would have your music for soundtrack.
    thank you for coming and i hope ill see you live again!

  24. The square was full..many people just standed and didn’t move..usually i have “a problem” with attitude like that (why do You taking space), BUT all “those” people was so gentle and peacefull..i have never been on concert where apsolutly nobody didn’t push people around them..the rest of “us” which were dancing, crying, applauding, floathing, almost couldn’t cope with so much emotions, in way that ONLY Sigur Ros can create..all of us on square were in harmony…i mean..THAT is the proof that YOU ARE NOT HUMANS ;) and i mean that in best way possible..There were even a lady with small wooden chair, and she stood ONLY in last minutes of some songs, as “crescendo” and audience gave soo much energy that she just couldn’t stay seated. My responce on “those” moments was..tears..tears of joy, tears of knowing that this night must come to the end, tears for knowing that tommorow is the new/old day…and tears of knowing that concert changed me forever and ever..Slovenia HVALA LIJEPA na organizaciji, ljubaznosti, miru, ljepoti….nadam se kako ?emo vratiti isto koncertom u Areni (Pula) ;)

  25. Thank you for all what you give to us and to life through your music… And now when i read all this, i see, it wasnt just me seeing this. You showed us love of creation and life, silence, simplicity, fullness of life with all the ups and downs – and it all meets in the beauty and silence of life.. Like big music shamans, your were playing throught our soul and healing :)
    Thank you, i feel your work is really important and beutiful. And hope to meet you again.

  26. Your art always reminds me that the world is a beautiful place and boy you did it again on Wednesday!
    I was so happy that I finally saw you live and actually couldn’t believe I’m really standing a few feet from you.

    So many nice and smiling people, so much beauty, emotions and hope, those two hours were pure magic!
    I still can’t stop smiling :) !

    Takk Sigur Rós :) !

  27. this concert was (without any sweet-talking or exaggeration)the best concert i’ve ever been to. now i guess i’ll be floating next few months, i just can’t get back to reality.. it was that great! takk sigur ros!

  28. I was so amazed by the concert in Verona that I decided to go also to Maribor on my way back home to the Czech Rep., in spite of my low budget. I have never regretted anything less than that.

  29. intrigueing. wonderful. straight to the bones and to the soul and to the mind. we came from Romania to Maribor. Everything was perfect. The sound. the place. The sky. The After-rain. The sincerity. Sigur Ros has so much to give. My name is Bogdan. It means Gift From God. Thank you for a wonderful gift, which changed views and dimensions. Unique experience!

  30. been to few concerts in my time, this one was magical. travelled a long way but was worth it. there was a special feeling in that square that night. well done maribor & sigur ros ….thank you

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