sigur rós 2012 tour

a perfect day festival
verona, italy



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  1. Hy guys
    was good ice cream tasted in Peschiera del Garda 6 hours before the fantastic show?

    Thank you again

  2. I’ve been waiting this day for such a long time. Still I wasn’t ready when it finally arrived. Got my mind blown after 2 minutes as soon as Orri touched the drum and that explosion of sounds and energy flew over and inside us all like a supernova explosion. What happened later on it’s hard to tell but so sweet and powerful to remember.

    I was there

  3. Hi guys,
    First time i see u in alive concert.What a surprise!
    Great performance and a lot of fantastic sensation.Thank you for the fantastic show.
    Furthermore u played a lot of my favourite albumm:agaetis byrun, but not my best one:hyartao hamast !
    Please come back to the wonderful castle next year and play it , or i will destroy all of my CD. (lol)

  4. Sinceramente non ho parole per descrivere quello che siete riusciti a suscitare in me a Villafranca di Verona.
    Posso solo ringraziarvi per le emozioni che ogni volta mi date. Takk!

  5. Well the impact you had last night in Villafranca was incredible. Two hours of pure catarsi!
    Guys we’re waiting for you in another beautiful framework, that is Arena in Verona.

  6. nemmeno io so descrivere quello che ho provato, emozioni, felicità.. riuscite a farmi credere che tutto andrà bene
    Takk for Hafsol and Vidrar..Non fatemi aspettare altri 4 anni

  7. (I apologize for my poor English and I hope that someone will understand what I’m trying to say.)

    I hope sìgur rós and all the people that come here to express their feelings about the show will forgive me if I use my comment to tell a story that’s not joyous like all that concern such an amazing occasion should be, but I think that’s important to try to understand what happened.
    There was a girl just in front of me, under the stage. I was outside the castle at 14:45 to take that place, so I suppose she was there even earlier.
    We stood there from 16:00, when the gates were opened, to 22:15 to feel the emotion of seeing the musicians we love come on the stage and of recognizing their familiar expressions.
    Just after that moment, the girl that I mentioned before fainted.
    A few minutes earlier, as people crowded under the stage pushing, I talked to some guys and what they said to me made me thinking: “You can’t expect that everything goes like you wish if you’re under the stage” and “it isn’t true that who arrives first takes the best place. I t is said in order to train you”.
    This is false. In such situations some fundamental rules are applied to restrain our selfishness, not to limit our need for freedom. If each one of us gives more importance to the commonweal than to his own weal, no rules would be necessary.
    It is such an idea that makes events like this possible.
    I don’t want to blame everyone, I just want to pray who watches a show, certainly because he loves the art that music can express: art is a manifestation of human nature and every single person who was around us in that moment has the same inestimable value that sìgur rós have.
    There’s no victory in putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy in order to see the musicians we love just like we dreamt. Being under the stage and being excited by the high artistic expression of sìgur rós after a girl fainted, it’s not a dream that comes true, but a lie.
    Let this experience remember us that there’s nothing beautiful in realizing our dreams without the knowledge of the fact that our way of thinking directly influences people around us.
    Even if we don’t like it, we’re all connected and we need each other’s respect and love to realize our aspirations and our highest dreams.
    It’s impossible to feel deep, strong and sublime emotions after a girl’s fainting. Anguish is all we can feel. Can’t we aspire to anything better? Can’t we dream to swing under the moon with fresh night air on our faces and serenity in our hearts because we know that music and art can evoke everyone’s best?
    Each one of us can change everything simply changing his way of thinking, and not just in a show, but also in his whole life.
    Let art uplifts our spirit and inspire our lives.

  8. One week ago, I was probably crying and crying and crying. I’ve grown up with your music, almost 15 years now, every one of your albums was for me the msot beautiful, they made me dream and hope and rejoyce and heal within and expand into states of being I could never imagine. I never made it to any of your concert, I could never afford it, and almost thought it would never happen, after your ETERNAL pause. And this time wasn’t easy either, I’ve spent all my earnings on the festival and train tickets, I couldn’t even afford a hotel room. It took me 12 hours of travel to get to Verona, it was so exhausting, and the organization was so terrible, I don’t even want to talk about it, and so I really wondered, who made me do this, is this really worth it? I got there right before your concert, and made my way to the second row, and waited, with no expectations… and when the very few notes were played, all my doubts disappeared, and I burst into tears… it was the most mellifluous symphony I have ever heard on stage, the energy stroke me a thousand times stronger than when listening to the records, and then I knew, with no doubts, that all the efforts were more than worth it. I couldn’t stop crying for most of the concert, and people around me probably thought it was weird, but I was crying out of joy and relief. I am so happy I finally made it, although sometimes it still feels surreal, it’s almost too beautiful to be true. I felt like I had finally come home, a home within the core of myself. Your perfomance was superlative, and by that I don’t just mean that you are technically very good, but also and especially that I could perceive your spirit very clearly, I could feel the sweetness, the softness, the beauty of your selves and your art cascating over the public, creating with each song a crescendo of synergy that enlivened everyone, and opened my heart in an explosion of joy. This is how I perceive MUSIC and ART, and for all of this, I am immensely grateful to you, I thank each and every one of you for the stupenduous performance, you are indeed beautiful people and greatly talented artists, and wish more than anything to be able to see you again. I don’t want to be selfish, but please, do come back and do bless us with evermore beautiful music.
    Ps. Where is Kjartan, please bring him back!!

  9. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life! Great show, great people, great location and of course great emotion!

    Thank you guys, keep going this way!

    Now I’m looking forward for Jesolo and Milan!!!!!!!

  10. I flew all the way from Athens, Greece, just to see you.
    I was in the castle by 16.00.
    I got a spot at the front and waited 6 hours for you to come out.
    I didn’t drink water all day because I didn’t want to go to the toilet and lose my spot.
    I didn’t even sit down between bands because I was afraid the crowd would shift and I’d get a tall guy in front of me.
    By the time your encore began, I was dehydrated, I could barely breath and my entire body was trembling with exhaustion.

    I don’t regret a thing! :D

  11. To be there, knowing that the day after we had a flight for Reykjavik and 2 weeks to spend in Island, has been unforgettable! Takk for your music, and for having gifted me Island with Heima

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