sigur rós 2012 tour

summer sonic festival – tokyo
tokyo, japan



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  1. It was so amazing….
    This was my third time to see Sigur Ros but it was one of the best.
    I really loved the arrangement of Hafsol. The string and the brass were fabulous.
    Thank you Sigur Ros and wish you come back to Japan soon..

  2. It was just, just amazing!
    It was my first time to see them live. (I’m a brand new fan. Wathed the movie We Bought a Zoo and loved the music. I bought the soundtrack and ended up buying all the Sigur Ros albums in less than a week!)

    As a singer who sings in an amateur band, I was especially amazed by how Jonsi controls his vocals. Singers often refer their voice as an instrument, but his voice was truly one kind of instrument!

    I am so glad they came to Summer Sonic!
    Hope to see them again soon here in Japan!

  3. Thank you very much for coming to summer sonic!
    As for the live of sigur ros, this time was the first, but it was impressed truly.
    The front was full of many persons, feeling worsened on the way and I was looking behind.
    When I had sat down, the next woman applied “Are you OK?Do you drink water?” and voice.
    When they performed “Festival”, I have forgotten that it was sick, it became a feeling soft and gentle to, and the tear overflowed repeatedly.
    After the end of live, when applying “thank you” and voice to her, her eyes were shining for the tear.

    Would you come to Japan again?
    I hope to come back to Japan soon.

  4. thank you for coming all the way to japan!!
    i became a new fan after listening to your music, it was so gentle and exciting at the same time.
    i really hope you come back soon, and in the mean time i`m going out to buy your albums!
    thank you again for a great night.

  5. i came from far north from tokyo, just to see your show.
    this was my second time to see your show and it was the best show i’ve ever seen.

    i really love your songs and sounds you make.
    but in your concerts, you also tell us how only 1 sound or silence, like jónsi’s long tone voice in “festival”(that was amazing!!) and a long silence in “viðrar vel til loftárása”, are important elements in the music.

    i really hope you will come back to japan soon!
    arigato. takk fyrir.

  6. Was my third time seeing Sigur Ros – and possibly the best. Horn section in addition to the string section made everything sound really full – big contrast from their last tour in 2008 as a four piece. Although with Kjartan not being there I realized that he might be my favorite member! Here’s the setlist:

    Í Gær
    Ný Batterí
    Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
    Olsen Olsen
    Með Blóðnasir

  7. I’ve been in love with Sigur Ros’s music for a long time, but this is the first concert I’ve been to. It was simply amazing. I was really touched and speechless as Jonsi’s voice started. As a fan for such a long time, to finally see the band and hear them live was too incredible to be true. The music was ethereal, the video artwork was beautiful, the ambiance of the concert was so different from any other ones I’ve ever seen. And Jonsi’s voice is just too pure, too heavenly.

    Dear Sigur Ros, thank you so much for your music and your humble lifestyle. Thank you for the beauty you bring to us. Thanks to you, I’ve come all the way from Vietnam to Iceland and truly fall in love with it. I’m so happy I made it to Tokyo and to the front row of the concert to share these amazing moments with you. You mean a lot to me. I wish you continue this journey because your artistic spirit and vision are what we are really in need of in this commercialized world. Takk <3

  8. It was great !
    Thank you for coming to japan.
    All songs are my favorite!

    I always listening and singing sigur ros and jonsi’s song,
    so I was so happy to see you!

    Thank you for the beautiful music.

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